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Peter Maxwell
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Default Undecided - Which Bar????


My son competes in OWL and we have a Uesaka bar for his lifts at home. He also does a strength program involving the component lifts. The cheap powerlifting bar we have been using has bent.

Question is do I replace it with a powerlifting bar or get a second less expensive OWL which would then give us a spare OWL bar?

Is there any advantage doing the BS,FS,DL,BP,Military presses with a powerlifting bar

I was leaning towards a Powerlifting bar as there would be less take-up flex as opposed to a OWL bar. Is this correct?

What I dont want to do is get a particular type of bar and then he says to me, "Dad we should have got the other bar"......

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Keith Miller
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I have a ZKC comp bar, and it's my only one. I have been deciding on getting a second bar to use for the strength lifts, but also as a second, back-up bar for when people come over to train with me.

If it were me, I would get a less expensive weightlifting bar. That's what I'm planning on doing once I have the money for it. Now, I don't know which one I'll get, but that's where I'm going.
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