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Clara S Kinney
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Default Suggestions for education along with sports.

My son is an athlete. He is not able to attend his classes properly because of the sports practice. So, we are planning to drop his schooling. One of my friends suggested online learning in British Columbia( http://ilearndl.com/who-we-serve/ ). I don’t have much idea about online learning. But my son will be able to do his sports practice along with his studies. Does anyone here know whether the certificate they provide is valid or not? Will my son able to apply for his higher studies with those certificate? Suggestions please.
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Blair Lowe
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Honestly, I have no clue but quite a few gymnast families deal with homeschooling. Check out their forums and maybe you can find more about it. I'd ask my friend but her kids are still munchkins.

Also, what is probably critical is what is required for college education if they plan to attend. No idea if you are in the US or Canuckland.
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