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Carl Amolat
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Default Introduction and a Powerlifts/Oly Lifting Template

Greetings, my name is Carl. Iíve been lurking around the forum for a few weeks after having read the book Olympic Weightlifting for Masters: Training at 30, 40, 50 and Beyond by Matt Foreman. I found it to be very solid advice for a strength enthusiast wanting to add the Olympic Lifts to his repertoire.

A little bit about myself, Iím a 31 year old male Army officer posted in Hawaii with one Tactical Strength Challenge and one Powerlifting meet (the Barbenderís meet at Fort Leonard Wood) under my belt.

Iíve been a Ďstrength enthusiastí so to speak since late 2009 in one form or another, be it via CrossFit, Military/Mountain Athlete, and most recently a second iteration of the Greyskull Linear Progression that blends the powerlifts (and overhead press) based GSLP and the Olympic Lifts.

I became interested in the Olympic Lifts after reading Mark Rippertoeís article Get Your Press Up (NWFS), which recalls the days when the Press was an Olympic Lift and pressing was preceded by a clean or powerclean. Since 2012 thatís the only way I press, powercleaning the bar from the ground at the start of my press sets.

I recently began following a GSLP variant known as ĎJoshieís Limeaideí written by Josh Wells and posted on the Strength Villain.com website. Itís basic template is this:

Monday: Bench 2x5/1x5+
Squat 2x5/1x5+
Row Variant 2x6-8

Wednesday: Snatch (10 singles the first week and 6 the second week)
Clean and Jerk (6 singles the first week and 10 singles the second week)
Front Squat 3x3

For the Snatch and Clean and jerk days I focus on making lifts and not missing them (currently Iím doing power snatches and the full clean and jerk).

Friday: Press 2x5/1x5+
Squat 2x5/1x5+
Deadlift 1x5+

My version adds some running and fasted walks with a 45 lbs rucksack (to ensure Iím within Army fitness standards), daily pushups and pullups and some kettlebell work for conditioning (built around Pavelís Simple and Sinister program). My running is mostly sprinting, with a 5 KM easy run on Saturdays.

So far I like the programming, and the advice from the book was priceless. The base I built by mostly staying close to the three powerlifts and overhead press since 2010 has actually been serving me well for a decent base for the Olympic Lifts. Now to work on receiving my power snatches at lower and lower positions overtime and get my timing a bit better for the clean.

In closing I'd like to share a thread where another template for more general strength enthusiast. Strengthvillain.com Olympic Lifting and Powerlifts blend (NWFS).
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