News July 14 2014
New Performance Menu Website
July 14 2014

I've launched the new Performance Menu website, which has all of the same great functions of the last site but with better readability. That improved readability includes the elimination of the separate mobile site - the primary site is now responsive to fit and flow optimally to any screen size, from desktop to phone. This means single links to any given article or page, no limitations on functionality in the mobile version, and a better look.

I have also made all Ask Greg columns free - right now, that means 43 articles you can get for FREE if you're not a subscriber.

Of course, if you subscribe, you get access to all of the monthly issue content in addition to my column. This is only $30/month, or you can go premium and also get access to all 114 back issues (658 articles) and a 15% discount in the Catalyst Athletics store.
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