News February 24 2015
New Weightlifting Posters! Get 25% Off!
February 24 2015

Catalyst Athletics Poster Owners - Get Our NEW Posters for 25% OFF!

We've completely updated our popular snatch, clean and jerk progression posters for 2015. These new posters have all new text and photos, now in full color! Not only that, but the posters now include Greg Everett's entire progressions for the snatch and clean from the floor, not just the hang.

Check out the new posters here

If you own our old posters, you can get a code for 25% off the new poster package (snatch, clean, jerk) by doing the following -

1. Take a photo of our posters hanging in your gym (or wherever you have them).

2. Post the photo on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag Catalyst Athletics and hashtag #catalystathletics

3. Check your private messages for a coupon code from us!

You must post your photo by Friday March 13th!

You will receive your code no later than Monday March 16th.
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