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Weightlifting Seminar Now On Streaming Video
February 2 2015

We travel a lot and all over the world, but we can't get everywhere, and not everyone can make it even when we're in the area. Luckily for you, we're ambitious and incredible, and you can now buy and stream HD video of Greg Everett instructing the Catalyst Athletics Level 1 Weightlifting seminar. You can get the entire 4 hour 45 minute video that contains all presentations and lectures from the 2-day seminar, or just the part you want: Foundations, snatch, jerk, clean or program design. Check... Continue reading
Performance Menu Anthology Is Out!
January 27 2015

The 10-year anniversary Performance Menu anthology is now available to order! For 10 years, the Performance Menu Journal has been published on the first of every month, providing athletes, coaches and trainers some of the best and most innovative information in the industry. This anthology celebrates our first 10 years with some of our favorite articles, representing each of our 120 issues. This sucker is 700 pages and 3.3 lbs of pure amazing. Order from Amazon here ... Continue reading
Performance Menu Issue 120 Is Out
January 1 2015

The January 2015 issue (120) of the Performance Menu journal is out. This is a special issue, as it marks the completion of 10 years of publication. Our official 10-year anniversary will be February 1st. In this issue: Ask Greg: Issue 120 Greg Everett Coach Yu…and You: A Look at a Chinese Icon Matt Foreman Mike McGivern. Powerlifter. Kyle J Smith Mindfulness & Muscle: How Thinking About Training Can Be Tr... Continue reading
Exercise Library Updated
December 30 2014

We've had the biggest and best Olympic weightlifting exercise library for years, but we recenly finished updating the videos with HD and expanding the accompanying information to include how to perform the lifts, how to program them, variations and more. You can check out the library here.... Continue reading
New Book Out: Olympic Weightlifting For Masters
December 9 2014

Finally, the first book on Olympic weightlifting specifically for masters athletes! 25-year weightlifting veteran Matt Foreman covers everything you need to know for learning the lifts and training as a master, from brand-new lifters who have discovered the sport later in life, to those who are simply trying to continue the sport past the age of 35. . Addressing Prior Notions of Age in Weightlifting . Physical Assessment, Prior Training, and Injury History . Coaching and Lifting . Programm... Continue reading
New York Weightlifting Seminar
December 6 2014

Join us in Brooklyn, New York May 9-10 for a weightlifting seminar and certification. This is our Level 1 weightlifting seminar AND the seminar required for the Level 1 Catalyst Athletics Certified Weightlifting Coach certification. You can attend this seminar without the certification process. Attending the seminar only (no certification) - Please select this option when registering. There are no pre-requisites for attendance of the seminar. Kara Doherty is a 4-time Canadian National Cha... Continue reading
Vancouver Seminar - January 2015
November 17 2014

Join 4-time Canadian national champion Kara Doherty and other Catalyst Athletics coaches in Vancouver January 31 - Fabruary 1 for our level 1 Olympic weightlifting seminar and certification. The Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting Seminar is 2 full days of practicing and training the snatch, clean and jerk, learning progression & correction drills for the snatch, clean and jerk, and foundational exercises for Olympic weightlifting. This is also the seminar required for our level 1 coaching cert... Continue reading
New Book Out: Weightlifting Cues & Corrections
October 15 2014

Olympic Weightlifting: Cues & Corrections by Daniel Camargo is now available. Check it out here Daniel Camargo is a 24-year veteran of Olympic Weightlifting. After representing the USA in nine international competitions and setting three Junior American Records, he began coaching and is now a USA Weightlifting International Coach.   In this book, Camargo presents his approach to teaching lifters the snatch, clean and jerk, and provides clear, simple strategies for recogniz... Continue reading
2015 International Seminar Schedule Announced
October 3 2014

Our 2015 Olympic weightlifting seminar schedule now has all of our international dates: Seoul, Korea - January 17-18 Cancun, Mexico - February 7-8 Dublin, Ireland - April 18-19 Toronto, Canada - August 2-3 Sydney, Australia - October 3-4 You can find our entire schedule and register here... Continue reading
Korea Seminar 2015
September 18 2014

Catalyst Athletics will be taking its level 1 Olympic weightlifting seminar and certification to Seoul, Korea January 17-18 2015. You can get all the information and register here... Continue reading
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