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Weightlifting Programming: A Winning Coach's Guide - Pre-order Now
October 16 2012

I'm very excited to announce that Bob Takano's new book, Weightlifting Programming: A Winning Coach's Guide, is now available for pre-order on For a systematic approach to designing programming for competitive weightlifters, there is nothing better in the English language than this book. All coaches, from beginning to experienced, should have this book on their shelves. Table of Contents Section A: Introduction Chapter 1: The Problem, The Dilemma Section B: Sports... Continue reading
Out Now: Olympic Weightlifting For Sports
June 11 2012

My new book, Olympic Weightlifting for Sports, is now in stock and shipping. You can order it here. For those of you who pre-ordered from, sit tight. They should be shipping by the end of this week. Thank you all for making this new book successful and for your continued support. I appreciate all the facebook, twitter and blog posts that you've made, and appreciate any more you want to make again. Good reviews on are also really helpful. Thanks again, and I hope th... Continue reading
Olympic Weightlifting For Sports: Pre-order New Book Now
May 8 2012

My new book, Olympic Weightlifting for Sports, is now available for pre-order. This book focuses on athletes and coaches outside of the competitive weightlifting world to present a method of teaching the Olympic lifts and their variants simply, safely and effectively to all types of athletes. Also includes information on program design and flexibility training to prepare athletes to perform the lifts. "Coach Everett's Olympic Weightlifting for Sports is a extraordinary product for any sp... Continue reading
The Portable Greg Everett: Collected Articles 2005-2012 E-book
March 19 2012

We've just released The Portable Greg Everett: Collected Articles 2005-2012 as an e-book. The book contains over 30 articles as well as all of my Ask columns from Performance Menu issues 72-86 and comes in at 187 pages (6x9"). You can get a list of all the articles it includes and buy it here.... Continue reading
Olympic Weightlifting: The Concise Guide
March 16 2012

I've finally gotten around to posting this little getting started-type guide to weightlifting that has seemed conspicuously absent from this website. It's just a quick and simple collection of information about how to get started with weightlifting - should be a good resource for athletes new to the sport or training. You can read the guide here. Please post any suggestions you might have to improve it here.... Continue reading
New Weightlifting Class
January 19 2012

We've had such an overwhelming response to our new non-competitive weightlifting class that we're going to open a second section if response is adequate. This new section will be at 6 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. The current class filled and ended up with a waiting list very quickly, so if you want to sign up, contact us as soon as possible. We will be starting Friday February 3rd. This is a 2-day/week program involving both technical and strength work. Contact us ASAP to get signed up... Continue reading
Getting Ready For The New Year
January 3 2012

2012 came sooner than I expected. 2011 seemed like a series of delays and unavoidable protraction. The day to day tedium continually prevented my completion and in some cases even initiation of numerous projects that are now stacked up in queue. My hope is that this year will be a bit smoother and I'll be able to ramp visible productivity back up to full speed. We have multiple books in progress, both from me and other authors, tons of new website content that I want to get out, and a number... Continue reading
Bones Of Iron: Matt Foreman's New Book Out Now
December 16 2011

All you Matt Foreman fans will be pumped to hear that we now have Matt's new book, Bones of Iron: Collected Articles on the Life of the Strength Athlete, in stock. And we're selling it for 25% off through this weekend. The book contains all of Matt's Performance Menu articles from the last few years. This is a nice, neat container for all the great info and humor he packs in. Check it out here... Continue reading
Export Training Cycles To A Word Doc
November 17 2011

All right, I finally got around to creating a new feature I've been wanting to have for a long time. You can now export all of the training cycles we have posted online into a Word doc so it's easy to print but also to edit if you want to make any changes for yourself. Just click the "Export Cycle as Word Doc" button at the top of each cycle page. View training cycles here.... Continue reading
New Website
September 2 2011

The new site is actually up a bit sooner than I had expected, but some issues with the previous site that I was disinclined to fix sped up the process. There will likely be some technical glitches here and there for the next couple days. If you encounter any errors or problems, please contact us so we can get them fixed as soon as possible. The new design should make things a little easier to find and easier to share. The more our site grows, the more I realize how much of it many peopl... Continue reading
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