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Clean Rack Support

The clean rack support is a simple static exercise to strengthen the clean rack position and trunk for the clean.
Set up a bar in a power rack 2-3 inches below the height at which it would be when on your shoulders in a standing position. Place yourself under the bar in the clean rack position with your feet in the same stance you use to clean and stand to lift the bar off the pins. Hold for 3-5 seconds or more before returning the bar to the pins.
Make sure you keep the shoulders lifted slightly to prevent compression of the carotid arteries and dizziness.  
The clean rack support strengthens the clean rack position and the trunk, and can help with confidence by getting the lifter accustomed to the feel of heavy weights in the rack position.   
This exercise should be placed at or near the end of a workout. Use weights of 100% and above of the lifter’s best clean for holds of 3-5 seconds (up to 10 seconds is fine, but usually unnecessary).
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