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Floating Clean Deadlift

AKA No-touch clean deadlift, hang deadlift
The floating clean deadlift is a pull variation that emphasizes postural strength and balance in the bottom range of motion.
The first rep will be the same as a clean deadlift. Set your clean starting position and lift the bar to a fully extended standing position with a controlled speed, being sure to maintain the same positions and posture you would use when pulling in the clean. After standing, return to the starting position under control and bring the plates as close to the floor as possible without allowing them to touch. Begin the next rep from this position, without setting the bar down on the floor.
The tempo should be controlled in this movement, particularly during the eccentric portion. Because the primary purpose is to build postural strength and balance, using a more controlled tempo is more effective by allowing the lifter to make adjustments as necessary to maintain the proper position and balance and train it as intended.
The floating clean deadlift is a good exercise to develop pulling strength in the clean, and emphasize strength in the bottom range of the pull (from the floor to the knee), particularly to train the correct position and posture during that pull.
Generally the floating clean deadlift should be done for 2-6 reps per set with anywhere from 80%-110% of the lifter’s best clean depending on the lifter and how it fits into the program. In any case, the weight should not exceed what the lifter can do with proper positioning or it is failing to achieve the intended purpose. As a heavy strength exercise, it should normally be placed toward the end of a workout.
The floating clean deadlift can be performed standing on a riser to allow the same range of motion that would be possible from the floor, but without the bar ever resting on the floor. The lift can also be done as a halting deadlift or segment deadlift, and a pause can be added in the bottom position.
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