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Usually performed on rings, but can be performed on a bar. On rings, begin hanging with a false grip with arms fully extended—shoulders open and hands pronated. Perform a pull-up and at its peak, push the chest forward and swing the elbows backward to above the shoulders. Press out as you would in a ring dip, finishing with active shoulders, fully extended arms, and rings externally rotated about 45 degrees.


eduardo 2015-08-14
What olympic excercise is good to develop chest, biceps and triceps?
Is it better to do beach excercises than olympic in order to develop chest, biceps and triceps?
Should I do a mix of them?
It should be okay to add bodybuilding exercises to the routine as long as it doesn't interfere with your progress in the program. Set a goal and choose a program that will help you meet those goals.

Steve Pan
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