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Ab Wheel

AKA Ab Roll-out, evil wheel. Hold an ab-wheel or barbell with rotating sleeves with straight arms either kneeling or standing depending on your strength, the wheel close to the knees or feet. Roll the...
Back Extension (Hyperextension)

AKA Hyperextension, hyper   The back extension or hyperextension is a very basic but very effective exercise for strengthening the extensors of the back to maintain the arch needed in weightlif...
Chops - Cross

Chops can be performed in a number of directions with a number of implements. The cross chop follows a path from low on one side of the body to high on the other side. Either direction can be emphasiz...
GHD Reverse Crunch

Lie on your back on a glute-ham bench with your hands holding the leg pads and your lower back on the fulcrum. The goal is to flex and extend the lumbar spine; the legs should be bent to whatever degr...
Glute-Ham Raise

The glute-ham raise is simply a back extension continued into a leg curl. Adjust the fulcrum of the GHD to hit the quads. Perform either a back or hip extension or both, flexing the legs at the end to...
Hanging Leg Raise

AKA  HLR, Toes to Bar. While hanging from a pull-up bar, lift your extended legs up to the bar, making sure to curl the pelvis up. Return to starting position. Do not allow your legs to bend....
Jack Knife

AKA jack knife sit-up. Perform a sit-up while simultaneously lifting the knees toward your chest. Ideally keep the feet just off the floor between reps rather than setting them down again....
Standing Plate Twist

Stand with feet shoulder-width. Grip a plate on its outside edges and hold with the elbows near your sides and forearms horizontal. Keeping the arms tied tightly to your trunk, rotate side to side, ke...

The V-up is an attempt from the supine position to hinge the body in half by lifting the legs and torso simultaneously toward each other. The arms are usually held overhead and reached to the toes at ...

Place the feet between hip and shoulder width apart and press or push press a dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell or other implement overhead. Turn the feet slightly to the side opposite that holding the we...
Windshield Wiper

While hanging from a pull-up bar, lift your torso to horizontal with legs vertically. Maintaining a horizontal torso, rotate your legs to one side until horizontal, then to the other side....
Showing 1 — 11 of 11
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