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Daniel Miller 05-29-2007 09:24 AM

EvFit-like training
Ok, I'm starting an online workout log for the first time. Please comment as you see fit.

quick background:
27-yo male
bf-quite low right now, maybe ~5-6%

pursuits: this summer I'll be traveling in europe to visit friends, climb, and will probably end up boosing some. I'd like to continue with my IF eating schedule with a strong preference towards Paleo and generally low-carb eating.

Sports: climbing and capoeira

Some goals: change training style to less metcon and more power/ME. I recently obtained a goal of 2.15xbw dead lift, so I'll give the numbers a rest for a while. The only numbers I'm chasing is getting back to being able to quickly climb (onsight?) 5.12...which is where I was yet 1.5 years ago.
Eventually I'd like to be able to do something like Nancy even while eating lowcarb. Performance has been something I've been chasing for the past 3-4years, but due to some health problems over the past 2 years I'm now much more concerned with health and longevity. With that in mind, I'll occasionally skip the PWO carb feeding, opting more for an Art Devany approach.

Nutrition wise: I'll go for 16 blocks protein per day, 100-200g fat per day, and occasional 100-180g of Cho per day, but mostly staying in the 40-80g Cho per day range. This is a remarkable change for me. I am not yet convinced that this sort of diet can sustain my mental focus, alertness, or general well-being...but I am willing to try it out for the summer.

Daniel Miller 05-29-2007 09:28 AM

Sunday 5/30:

I decided to try a metcon workout in a fasted state, after a few days of low carb eating.

It went descent, but I was definitely feeling light-headed.

5 reps BW Deadlift
8 Burpees

How many rounds in 5 minutes? 3 Bouts with 2 minute rest between bouts.

bout 1: 5 rounds
bout 2: 3 rounds
bout 3: 3 rounds.

Not bad. Last time I did this I had 12 total rounds...so given this was on low glycogen and mostly a ketone fueled workout, I was psyched.

Daniel Miller 05-29-2007 09:33 AM

Tuesday 5/29

PVC barbell complex
calfraise x30

10lb dumbell complex
hammer curls x5
alternating one-foot military pressx10 each arm
front lungex10
alternating bent over rowx10
overhead rear lungex10

joint mobility

notes:10-15 minutes warm-up. got these from Waterbury article (Bloody Barbell Complexes) on T-nation.

#8 Workout:
5x3 Power Clean, rest 2 to 3 minutes between sets

1-arm Sotts Press: 30% x 2 x 6

Abs/Back Circuit

Robb Wolf 05-29-2007 10:05 AM

Looks good amigo! If you are feeling a little light headed have a snack prior to training. I don't know that training while fasting offers that much additional benefit over just periods of fasting.

Troy Archie 05-29-2007 06:52 PM

How are you finding managing a low carb diet while traveling Europe? Found it tough in Asia but pretty easy in Oz...

Daniel Miller 05-30-2007 08:47 AM

5/29 1pm
After breakfast at the lab, I snuck out while my ligation rxn was going on to the climbing gym.
climb- 10minutes session on the Autobelay. Repeat. Stretch. Ice.

Robb, When I do MetCons, I'll start grabbing snacks beforehand, but strength/ATP+Creatine dependent workouts seem to be fine. Perhaps I'm relying on Muscle Glycogen? It seems as though my liver Glycogen will be low in either case, but that strength workouts don't have ample time-under-tension to completely blow through my muscle glycogen. I've also been using 20-25g BCAA during workouts that seems to help. It would be interesting to know if the BCAA signals any insulin release. My experience so far is that even after a workout with the BCAA, I could continue fasting but usually end up eating a Zone meal with 4-5 blks Cho PWO.

Troy, I leave for Europe in 3 weeks, so I'll let you know. With the exception of EtOH, I don't think it will be to hard. I'll be climbing in England, chilling in Coopehagen with college buddy therefor lots of EtOH, and climbing in Finland. Veggies and fruit might be a little harder to come by but not impossible. It shouldn't be a problem for meat in any of these places. I'll try and keep the thread going while I'm there.

Wed 5/30/07

Joint mobility

dumbell complex with 8 lb dbs from above

BS (weightxrepsxsets)

Clean Pulls

Renegade Rows with dumbells

Eccentric Only wrist pronation and flexion x30 each.

a little Chi-Kung.
notes: this was in a fasted state, and I felt GREAT! I have Capoeira tonight, so hopefully I continue to feel great.

Daniel Miller 05-31-2007 08:05 AM

rest today. Climb Fri, Sat, and perhaps sunday.

I made some Pemmican with homemade jerky for my climbing trip this weekend...super psyched about that!

Daniel Miller 06-02-2007 05:44 AM

Climbing at the Red river gorge on friday and saturday.

Yesterday went remarkably well with my IF schedule of holding off on food until noon. I was up early, made coffee then took off to the crags, the 20 minute hike and 5 routes (all around 5.10ish) went really easy. I was psyched to finally feel like whatever regulatory mechanisms are in place (perhaps; Gene expression of the myogenic regulator factors (myoD, myogenin and Myf5) and the atrogenic factors (myostatin, atrogin-1 and MuRF-1) were determined by real-time PCR analysis, as well as use of ketones as a heart/muscle/brain fuel source) are robust and kickin.

Maintained paleo until dinner. Pemmican is f*$#ing great.

Ate 3/4 of a large pizza at around 6pm. It was yummy.

Daniel Miller 06-04-2007 01:49 PM

Rested on sunday.

Monday 6/4
500m row: 1:56

Joint mobility

Negative Wrist curls


Dumbell complex w/ 10lb dbs x2 (this complex is a great warm-up or perhaps could be used as a full workout if the curls were 5RM...give 'er a shot!)



Snatch Pull

so far, no significant complaints since beginning 90-95%Paleo diet with IF. I have not weighed myself, but am hoping to maintain LBM.

Daniel Miller 06-05-2007 05:29 AM

Tue 6/5

Joint Mobility warm-up

A1One-Arm KB Floor press
A2 Double-KB Single-leg DL
9reps eachx4sets

B1 Body weight rows on rings
B2 Esquiva lateral (Capoeira side lunge)

Core circuit
Anchored Crunches
Wind shield wipers on floor
plank for time
repeat 2x

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