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Jeremy Jones 10-24-2006 03:01 PM

Supplement Cocktail
What is your cocktail of choice?

I usually run with

First meal:
4 kirkland eneric coated fish oil pills (850mg "concentrated" fish oil, with 440mg Omega-3s)
1 Multi vitamin (just men's health "One a Day" A.T.M.)

Second meal:
4 kirkland eneric coated fish oil pills
1 glucosamine chrono-somethingsomething

Third/fourth meal (one or the other, not both):
4 kirkland eneric coated fish oil pills
1 generic Zn, Mg, Ca pill (listed as 33% daily value for each -don't remember mg amounts right now).

I also administer vitamin G (Guinness) as needed.:D

I am looking to expand my "suppliment portfolio", so I am curious as to what you people are adding. Currently my diet lacks any grass fed beef, probably doesn't have enough veggies (fruit is easier for me), and includes dairy in small doses (it is more of a 'condiment', except the occational ice cream orgy).

Chris Forbis 10-24-2006 03:57 PM

Right now this is what I do....

Wake: 1 Essential Formulas 12+ Probiotic

Breakfast: 1 Tbsp Carlson's fish oil, 1 tsp Blue Ice cod liver oil, 1 Tbsp coconut oil (if you even consider it a supp)

Dinner: 1 Tbsp coconut oil

Bed: 1 Essential Formulas 12+ Probiotic

I plan on looking into digestive enzymes soon. Possibly a multi-vitamin after that. I plan on dropping the fish oil and bumping the clo to 1 Tbsp once I run out.

Greg Everett 10-24-2006 04:16 PM

Chris - why the digestive enzymes? What has been your probiotic experience? Why are you dropping the fish oil?

Chris Forbis 10-24-2006 07:20 PM

Not dropping the fish oil, just trading for cod liver oil. The clo I have has decent n-3 levels (~3g per Tbsp) and I want the Vit A and D. I eat good, fatty protein sources so I'm not terribly worried about being n-3 deficient.

The enzymes I just want to give a try and see if they seem to help digestion at all. As much as I spend on grassfed beef a month, if I can get some better assimilation of it, that would be a good thing.

Probiotic experience... hard to say exactly. I was in the grips of a lingering sinus infection when I started them (right off the heels of an antibiotic session). The antibiotics had helped some, but the symptoms didn't go away entirely until I was a few days into the probiotics loading dose. Nature running its course, or the probiotic? Hard to say....

I think I will finish off what I have now and then take a month off of the probiotic. That way I can return to them in decent health to hopefully better gauge their effect.

Jeremy Jones 10-25-2006 01:12 PM

Where can I find out if I am in need of probotics? I definately feel like I have gut issues (and not the beer gut kind).

Yael Grauer 10-26-2006 10:06 PM

Easy test: drink some kombucha and see if it makes you sick. It's always a good idea to have some fermented, probiotic-rich foods in your diet. Kimchee is my favorite.

To answer the original question, my supplement cocktail is so ridiculous right now that I don't even want to list everything I've been taking for the past month or so. The ones I'm planning on keeping are CLO, magnesium and zinc. I'm really into B vitamins and I also take C vitamins as needed. I do cell salts too.

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