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chris hill 09-28-2007 08:04 AM

Intro to IF and a glance at Paleo
I eat a traditional western diet, although much lower carbs than normal....ie i eat pasta and potatoes maybe once or twice a week but abstain from starchs and sugars for most meals.

I've played around with IF this week and have fasted between 12 and 17 hours each day. My initial plans are to IF monday - friday as i feel great at work not eating till early afternoon. I imagine IFing longer than 17/18 hours will not happen for me for a good while yet.

I am slowly hoping to adapt to a more paleo approach although i'm sure the main obstacle will be my wife. I had thought that purchasing decent meat here in the UK would be a problem, but i've just discovered this butcher in the town where i work


Company Profile
Take an unlicensed village pub, an acre of unspoilt land, a passion reborn of boyhood pig-keeping and a love of good food... and so Roger Human's rare breed butchery business was born at The Old Tavern in Smallburgh. Now ten years on there is Tavern Tasty Meats

Because traditional breeds grow a little more slowly than modern ones, on drug-free rations and without additives, the meat develops a better, truer flavour.

Unlike the blandness of modern meat, each traditional breed has its own special qualities. And because we only sell pork from our own farm, and grass-fed beef from small Norfolk producers, each animal is totally traceable from conception to sale.

Scotty Hagnas 09-28-2007 11:51 AM

Hi Chris-

"Tavern Tasty Meats" - that's a great name! Sounds like you have a great source of good, local GF meat.

Slowly introducing Paleo eating will be easier if you do a lot of the cooking and make easy meals that taste good. Your wife will buy in to the idea if she is confident that she will still be eating tasty stuff. I didn't have to convince my wife (she already ate Paleo), but I am going thru these steps with my parents, who really need to eat a good diet at this stage in their lives!

Good luck!

chris hill 10-02-2007 04:37 AM

Thanks for the reply Scotty. It turned out that, monetary concerns aside, my wife is very much for purchasing from local shops rather than supermarkets so going grass fed will be easier than expected. However, giving up grains may be a different battle as she feels she needs her carbs to get though the day.

Do other people find exercise is an excellent appetite suppressant? I've found days that i cycle the 7 mile communte from home to work i find it significantly easier during the final couple hours of the fast.

Yvana van den Hork 10-03-2007 06:53 AM

Short rides suppress appetite for a short while, which may be enough to get you through a few hours of fasting.
In the past I was a dedicated long-distance cyclist and every time I'd go over 200K on a given day, appetite would completely shut down for that day. Sometimes for really long rides even for 48 hours.
But it would come back with a revenge, making me overeat BIG time 48hrs later. It even made me adopt the acronym DOH, esp. since I've rarely if ever experienced DOMS in that time, but always Delayed Onset of Hunger.

I'm not sure if this suppression is a good thing. Nowadays I try to get food into my body ASAP when done with training and actually make sure I eat enough before & during exercise. When I do the latter, appetite won't be as suppressed. It used to be I'd literally fast for an entire day even when doing longer rides. Not good for muscle retention or metabolism!

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