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Ari Kestler 10-03-2007 07:02 PM

Help me IF
Long time listener, first time caller.

I started IF about 2 weeks ago after reading about it for a few weeks. I love the flexibility it gives me over zone and so far I'm happy but I wanted to bounce a few thoughts off of you guys. I'm currently about 170 lbs and 5'8", I primarily do a 5x5 program MWF with maybe 1 Metcon-like exercise in the week. While I'd like to lose a little more fat and maintain/gain some lbm (I'm confident I can do this), I'm really trying to IF from a health perspective.

My current schedule looks something like this:

I will normally break the fast somewhere between 12-3pm until 5-8pm, trying to eat in a 5-6 hour window. It's really dependent on my schedule or workouts, most MWF I workout at noon and breakfast at 1...Thoughts on not having any pre-work out nutrition? I haven't noticed any decreased performance in the gym, but I have yet to do any metcon workouts on a fast, for pure strength workouts, I seem to be doing ok...

My typical feeding looks something like 4-6 eggs/apple/banana/almond butter as a break fast and then anywhere from 1/2 lb - 3/4 lb of chicken/steak/fish with as much broccoli (sometimes packages of frozen veggies from TJs) and 1/2 cup of walnuts that I can fit in a tupperware. This is the standard for during the week. I tend to eat more on workout days (due to appetite) and less on non-work out days. So most workout days I might eat 6 eggs but only 4 otherwise...

I try to eat pretty paleo but I still drink alcohol, coffee, will eat occasional grains, and dairy. I would say that my kitchen at home is 99% paleo but when I eat out I don't restrict myself, my primary paleo-breaking habits are sushi, indian and mexican foods... On weekends if I know I will be eating out I normally fast most of the day.

I currently take ZMA and Flameout (4 caps). I suppose my questions are:

How does this look as a base for IF? I feel like I'm not consuming enough protein but I've read on here that you don't need as much... how does this look to everyone? Adequate amount of fat? Carbs?

Is there anything you would add/change to this diet?

So far my biggest difficulty with IF is getting all of that food down in 5 hours, after eating the apple w/almond butter I find that I'm not at all hungry, and shoveling down tons of broccoli a few hours later is even more difficult. Surprisingly, the hunger pangs haven't been that bad and don't really bother me.

Any advice is appreciated.


Eva Claire Synkowski 10-04-2007 04:40 AM

looks like youre doing pretty good to me!

re: fasting and work out timing:
seems like your primary goal is fat loss, so working out fasted will be better to reach that goal. so far you haven't noticed any performance effects, so keep on keeping on! you can always play with caffeine for pre-wo "nutrition"... its definitely helped with both strength/metcon for me.

re: eating
i would suggest eating a little more ad lib.... i.e., if you are just constantly stuffing yourself, then back off a little bit. if the weight starts falling off you, then reconsider if you are eating enough. a few ppl have noticed less food and maintain/gain muscle mass. i just asked about this is another thread:

i know dr g has also said he eats way less on IF than zone prescribed ratios.

re: possible changes
it looks like you break the fast immediately post wo. two things: 1) to increase fat loss, you could try to hold the fast for another hour or so. this sometimes is tough following a metcon; 2) you could consider having a little less fat immediately post-WO. like have the chicken then, with apple or banana.

see this thread for more on that:

Ari Kestler 10-04-2007 06:27 AM

Thanks for the tips! I forgot to mention in regards to Pre work out nutrition & caffeine, I normally start everyday with a triple espresso/americano....

I'll play with fasting for another hour after workouts and consuming my fat later on in the day...

Eva Claire Synkowski 10-04-2007 05:26 PM


Originally Posted by Ari Kestler (Post 20666)
Thanks for the tips! I forgot to mention in regards to Pre work out nutrition & caffeine, I normally start everyday with a triple espresso/americano....

it seems like you are working out midday, correct? by caffeine for "pre-wo" - i meant more, like 30-40 minutes prior to exercise. so, if i understand your schedule correctly ... the 3 shots in the AM, aren't close enough in time to the actual wo to have the effects of caffeine during the wo.

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