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bill brasky 10-11-2007 08:09 AM

Rest Between Sets

I am doing a program I read in Dan John's "From the Ground Up" - Dave Turner beginner's Program.

Simply it is:

C&J 8X1 (1 rep is perfect form)
Snatch 8X2 (2 rep is perfect form)
F. Squat 5X5
Press 5X3
(rotate exercies every workout, and do it 3 X wk)

Because I can typically only afford 45 min. per workout, Dan told me to drop the presses until the workout length is under 45 min.

Well, because I'm pretty new to Oly Lifting, I struggle with rest periods, and weight progression. Typically, because I must use good form, I only snatch between 32-42 kilos, and C&J between 42-52 kilos. (I know it is weak ok, but I'm learning). For more info, I am f. squating usually 1,750 kilos in tonnage for 5X5 in squat (~70kX5 repsX 5 sets).

My questions are:

Should I start light on the singles and doubles and work upto a max, or use pretty much the same wieght throughout? Same for squats and presses?

If I had to properly distribute rest periods amongst exercises to stay under 45 min, how might one do this?

Thanks guys.

Don Stevenson 10-15-2007 10:10 PM

A few thoughts

Rest between singles, as long as they are not maximal doesn't have to be super long. If i was doing that program up to 90% of max i'd probably do a few warmups at a lighter weight and then attempt to do 2-4 singles with 30 seconds rest between each rep then maybe a 1-2 minute break and another 2-4 singles etc. I wouldn;t attempt to work up to a max every session. Either do 8 singles (or doubles) across at the same top weight, perhaps start with 80% of max and try to add a little each session until you hit 90 - 95% of your old max for 8 singles. At that point your old max will not be your max and you'll need to figure out your 1RM again.

Doubles, much the same except say do 2 doubles then rest a little longer and repeat.

Front squats - rest approx 2 minutes between sets. I'd do these a little differently. first two sets as the warm up then 3 x 5 at working weight with an extra 5kg on the last set IF you are feeling good.

Presses as for squats - presses don;t normally need a lot of rest between sets until you go really heavy

Mike ODonnell 10-16-2007 05:44 AM

I would change it up sometimes....

For example with a 5x5 set:
A) 5x5 85%RM - 2 min rest
B) 5x5 65%RM - 30 sec rest (something I took from Westside BB)

You get benefit from both in my book...and of course the best training is the one that keeps changing....so try both.....they will compliment each other in the long run

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