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Bobby Spencer 11-05-2007 11:50 AM

Wobenzyme and Systemic Enzymes
Now that my football team's season is over and I'm done coaching for the year, I can get back to posting more. I missed the interaction and great info here.

Anyway, after using glucosamine/chondroitin for years to help joint pain and discomfort, I recently decided to try Wobenzyme since one of its touted benefits is alleviating joint pain. The claims also state that Wobenzyme helps athletes with recovery and, since it contains bromelein and other enzymes, helps with digestion. There are a host of other touted benefits also.

In addition to the joint benefits and digestion, the recovery claims intrigue me since I gave up all dairy, including whey for a while, in an attempt to go purist with the paleo. (I always like whey for the glutamine and amino acid profile which I believe helped me recovery after those KB sessions.)

I would like to hear some other people's experiences with Wobenzyme and other systemic enzymes. Also, could someone please send me some links with some studies on systemic enzymes?

Yael Grauer 11-05-2007 12:06 PM

I use Wobenzym after grappling too much and it does indeed aid in recovery.
I guess it's made out of papaya and pineapple enzymes or something... I'm not a big supplement fan but this stuff is pretty incredible... A friend of mine has arthritis and it is the only thing that works-she's tried everything! I thought it might help speed up recovery and so far so good.

To read about the deeper meaning of inflammation, search for articles by Philip Incao, MD.

I'm sure someone will try to sell you some, but I think it's difficult to tell which enzymes are best without doing extensive testing. In my experience, herbal bitters are just as effective. There are all sorts of living enzymes you can get from food. Enzaid is a good supplement though.

Mike ODonnell 11-05-2007 12:27 PM

found this through Google


These are proteolytic enzymes, which cleave other proteins. While under normal physiological condition, proteolytic enzymes maintain homeostasis in the healthy body, they also break down aberrant proteins that may arise during various diseases. Thus, in basic research and several tens of clinical studies carried out over the years under the auspices of MUCOS Pharma, Wobenzym has been found to degrade, for example, harmful and abnormal immune complexes that precipitate autoimmune diseases.
and this

Systemic enzymes such as bromelain, papain, trypsin and pancreatin help to destroy and break up proteins. While most proteins are good, other proteins known as Circulating Immune Complexes (CICs) are at the root of most joint inflammation. The enzymes in Wobenzym N destroy CICs, clearing the way for the body's natural repair process.

Our bodies naturally produce these enzymes, but we lose this ability with age.This is the main reason why we don't recover as quickly from strains and sprains as we did when we were younger. Our joints no longer repair themselves properly, which can lead to osteoarthritis.
and a label breakdown

Each Capsule Contains :
Pancreatin* – 56,000 USP units protease (pancreas) Sus scrofa 300 mg
Papain* – 492 FIP-unit** Carica papaya 180 mg
Bromelain* - 675 FIP-unit** Ananus comosus 135 mg
Trypsin* – 2160 FIP-unit** (pancreas) Sus scrofa 72 mg
Chymotrypsin* – 900 FIP-unit** (pancreas) Bos Taurus 3 mg
Rutosid* – 3 H20 (Rutin) Sophora japonica 150 mg
you can see the whole thing at

something tells me you can probably find your own enzyme combinations cheaper than that. But I am back on the enzyme bandwagon lately using at night and AM on empty stomach for recovery. (not using for digestion issues at the moment)

Greg Davis 11-05-2007 01:08 PM

Anyone have any good recommendations for a cost-effective enzyme and/or probiotic supplment?

I'm almost out of my body ecology one but I don't think I'm going to fork out that much $$ for this brand again.. something I can get in Canada would be awesome.

Mike ODonnell 11-05-2007 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by Greg Davis (Post 21796)
Anyone have any good recommendations for a cost-effective enzyme and/or probiotic supplment?

I went with this generic brand which appears to have a large selection of anything and everything...

Knowing something about the supplement industry....and that all your best stuff comes from real food anyways....I don't pay for the expensive stuff anymore and just go with a good (if not the same) generic brand for most stuff.

One thing I have noticed is more "foul" smelling bowel movements....which is "supposed" to be the enzymes breaking down the things in my bowel/digestive tract that are caked on and have not seen daylight in years while auto-intoxicating my body....either way would rather have it out than inside and I do notice some better energy in the morning.

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