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Garrett Smith 11-09-2007 01:53 PM

Dr. G's Training Journal
Today's CA WOD:

7:30am, BW 175#

Muscle clean + tall clean (light): 30kg x [1+1] x 3
Snatch (80% x 1 x 5): 50kg x 1 x 5
C & J (90% x 1 x 5): 70kg x 1 x 5

I do not know what my current max is for OL, I'll figure that out on the next max day.

Metcon: 15:28, subbed in 15# CBs overhead swings for the rowing at reps of 50 + 38 + 25 (note Scotty Hagnas influence here). Grip was fried after those plus the pullups. Also subbed 20# DBs push presses for the push ball.

I may add some gymnastic holds this afternoon to today's log.

Derek Simonds 11-09-2007 02:52 PM

Welcome aboard. I love having all my W/O's in one place.

I look forward to following your warmups and gymnastics training.

Scotty Hagnas 11-09-2007 04:18 PM

Hey Dr. G-

Nice sub for the row! I am trying this one shortly, but with the row - as I want to improve my 2K time for level 3.

I look forward to watching your workout log.

Garrett Smith 11-10-2007 04:15 AM

Thanks guys!

Derek, it was great working out with you the other day.

Someday I'll get a rower (I love the erg!). Other times I'll sub in the NordicTrack for the rowing, at good resistance and full incline--that's pretty fun too.

Scotty, are you referring to CFN Level 3 Fitness Standards? Or something else?

Scotty Hagnas 11-10-2007 07:14 AM

Yeah, the CFN levels. I've modified them a bit for my gym - not much, but one thing we changed was to cut the 6k rows of level 3 and 4 to faster 2Ks.

Garrett Smith 11-10-2007 07:02 PM

Today's workout (not the CA WOD):

Early AM:
Walk with Mom for 30'

Evening workout:

Joint mobility

Isometric holds for 30" of the following:
Hanging tuck sit
GHD "body straight" hold
Back extension "body straight" hold
Wall sit 90 deg
Parallette tuck sit
70# KBs farmers hold
Legs unsupported "body straight" hold
Back extension "body straight" hold
Bottom position pistol hold, L then R
Frog stand
Tucked front lever to tucked back lever

Quick semi-metcon:
On every other minute, 53# KB, 3 KB clean + 3 KB snatch L/R for 5 rounds

Only had 45 minutes to workout and I wanted to get in some gymnastics, so I did my "holds" work.

Ace Hardware had a 20% off everything in the store sale today, so the majority of the day was planning the construction of new gym equipment and purchasing needed pieces. I got lots of fun stuff, and I'm only about $350 lighter. Tomorrow is assembly of all the new parts/pieces!

Chris Forbis 11-10-2007 08:52 PM


Originally Posted by Garrett Smith (Post 22085)
Early AM:
Walk with Mom for 30'

Heh, thought this meant 30 feet at first....

Be sure and post what you made from the Ace Hardware stuff.

Garrett Smith 11-12-2007 10:07 AM

Yesterday's workout (11/11/07):

Foothills 2.5 mile out-and-back at the parents' house, ran the uphills (~30% of the total distance), walked the rest.

The rest of the day was spent making aesthetic improvements to the gym, assembling new toys out of the PVC I purchased, and finishing the dowels made from 3/4" metal pipe (I had it left over from something else). New parallettes and a parallette/dip station. I'll post pictures of all my new toys in a new thread when they are all done. The gym is really feeling like it is starting to come together.

sarena kopciel 11-12-2007 12:55 PM

Best of luck with your gym. It sounds like you are moving ahead very nicely Dr G!:)

Garrett Smith 11-13-2007 05:49 AM

Yesterday's (11/12/07) CA WOD:

Joint mobility

Gymnastic "movements" warmup:
15 pullups
16 alternating pistols
15 35# KB single leg DL L/R
10 KTE
10 dips
15 53# KBs shrugs
15 forward lunges L/R
5 spinal extensions
15 GHD situps
15 full-depth parallette pushups
15 body rows
15 dowel OHS
15 decline situps
15 unweighted reverse hyperextensions

Snatch (100% x 1 x 1): 63kg x 1 x 1, ugly but I got it, PR
C&J (90% x 1 x 1): 88kg x 1 x miss, 85kg x 1 x 1, OOPS--accidentally did a max lift (!), some L arm pressout, at least I know my current max now for a little while! Huge PR, I believe by about 5kg, especially considering how little I have been OLing until the last couple of weeks!
FS (90% x 2 x 1): 100kg x 2 x 1

I had to rush through this workout. It went well, although I know that as I get more used to the warmups I've been doing, the overhead OL stuff will get easier (I know the warmup got my shoulders a bit tired).

Accidentally got paprika in some turkey bacon twice this weekend, my old middle back discomfort is rearing its ugly little head. Blurg.

Sarena, thanks for the encouragement!

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