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JW Luckett 11-10-2007 03:45 AM

Japanese weightlifting video
Well done documentary introducing weightlifting hosted by Tsugiharu Ogiwara, a Japanese Olympic nordic combined athlete. All in Japanese, but pretty cool anyway. Some comparison of the vertical jump of O-lifters and others (track & field, apparatus gymnastics, volleyball). We win.

Nice graphics. Humble people training.


Derek Simonds 11-11-2007 02:52 PM

I tried watching it several times but the buffering was giving me brain damage. I saved the link and maybe it will be better later in the week.

Rob Johns 11-12-2007 07:27 PM

Hey Joe, I can't get the video to work, is there a special video format required?

I was out at Nishi-ku last night, what a great spot. Those platforms are fantastic!

JW Luckett 11-12-2007 08:06 PM

Funny. Works fine for me. Opens in windows media player.

Well, if you can't see it it's no big deal. I just thought it was interesting that they even had a made-for-TV show introducing Olympic lifting. They also spent quite a bit of time on the jumping aspect. Since the host was a ski jumper as part of his nordic combined event, he kind of freaked out that the three lifters he was interviewing all had a greater vertical jump than he did.

As I recall, some time back someone posted a question about lifters having better vertical jumps than dedicated jumpers, and a faster start off the blocks than sprinters. So I put the link up. Sorry if anyone wasted any time trying to get it to work.

Rob, the next time I can get to Nishi-ku is Saturday morning, the 17th. Glad you liked it.

Yuen Sohn 11-13-2007 08:03 AM

Nice video (I got it to play on my work computer...the stream opened in Windows Media Player). Thanks for posting.

Quite a beautiful training hall -- is that the Japanese OTC? What's the weightlifting scene like over there? Is it more popular among (or participated by) the general population in Japan than in the United States?

JW Luckett 11-13-2007 04:34 PM

That is the Self-Defense Force Physical Education School. The narrator says that a lot of the Olympic hopefuls train there, so they aren't all military. I guess the equivalent of the OTC for weightlifting.

You know, my impression is that weightlifting is more well-known here. The local city gym I go to has three platforms and all the equipment. I don't know how many YMCAs in the states would be equipped like that. Also, at least two high schools in the area have teams. There is also a citizens team, the Hokkaido Weightlifting Association. Many universities also have teams. And if I start talking about weightlifting, people generally understand what I mean and don't just think "Oh, curls!"

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