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Jonathan Owen 11-26-2007 06:33 PM

Jon's Journal
Starting a journal as it seems like it will help me be better organized and easier to review my past training.

Currently I have competed in two oly meets and I plan to compete again but I don't have a definite date as of yet. I know that I need to get a lot stronger, and my training has to be able to work around my schedule which is abnormal. I work 5 40 pm to roughly 6 20 am every sun., mon., tues., and every other sat. Ot is assigned on top of this base schedule; it is not uncommon to work 5 days a week with split days off. I like the idea of KISS in my training, especially right now, so here we go!

general warmup-rowing, pushups, kipping pu, and air squats

back squat

45 95 135 155 175 185 for 5x5
Trouble focusing on 4th work set due to mirror. ( I forgot how much I dont like Globo Gyms)

Push Press

95x3 115x3 135x3 155 for 6x3
these were decent not outstanding

Tac Strength style pullups ( false grip, neck to bar)

back ext. 2x15

I was short on time tonight, so I had to hit the globo gym down the street from me. It was a little strange as I hadn't trained anywhere but WS s&c for 6 months.

Jonathan Owen 11-27-2007 05:44 PM

Training session at Wilson Spencer S&C

Warm up

Jump Rope and assorted kettlebell stuff (light)
really tight and sore from previous training session

Burg warm up with pvc then Bar

Bednarski Snatches

Decent, 1st set at 50 was very nice

Snatch High Pulls
50x3 60x3 80x3x3
Last set was really good! The other sets I had problems holding my hips down consistently on 1 or 2 reps each set.

Rod's Complex

3 pow cleans, 3 high hang full cleans, 3 front squats, 3 push-jerks
Did this for 5 sets( 1 of the above being a set)
1st set at 40, then 4 sets at 42.5

Wow! This hurt my feelings!

Glute Ham Raise


Derek Simonds 11-28-2007 05:10 PM

Jonathon, welcome to the training logs. I like the looks of your training and will be following your training and progress. Looks good so far.

Jonathan Owen 11-28-2007 07:59 PM

Snuck into the globo gym, at least they have a platform and bumpers, and a climbing rope, so its not all that bad. Tonights training was intended to be short and light as I am trying to mimic the Texas Method ( ala Rip In Prac. PRog.) I also want to take advantage of the am range schedule as opposed to my normal pm shift.

500m row on concept 2

Front Sq.

45x5 95x3 115x3 135x3 165x3 175x3 175x3
these felt good and fairly light like they were supposed too!
Strict Press (weights were pow. cleaned up from ground on 1st rep)
45x5 65x5 95x5 115x5 115x4 1Fail pause 1
Wow! This was supposed to be a easy-to-medium gauranteed 5 reps!
I never press, but I thought I would suck a little less with all the overhead work in the olys. However, after being used to PP and Jerking, the strict pressing felt so foreign. I had to focus on not dipping and driving on almost every rep.
Power Clean

These were thrown in as an afterthought purely for fun.

Thanks! Feel free to throw out any criticism or advice, I wanna hear it!
Train Hard! Have Fun!

Yuen Sohn 11-29-2007 07:08 PM

Hey Jon,
Good to see you starting a log here! Congrats on the recent PRs.

You doing any meets in the coming months?

Jonathan Owen 12-01-2007 12:39 PM

Another Globo Gym session (I will henceforth call it the WC)
Warm up -500 m row
Back Squat- work up to heavy set of 5
Barx5x2 95x5 135x5 155x5 175x5 195x5
195x5 is a 5 rep pr
Push Press-work up to a heavy 1,2,3
45x5 65x5 95x3 135x3 155x3 175x2 185x1 &1*
(*Didn't feel like I locked it out satisfactorily, and I was pretty unstable, had to take some stutter steps etc...)
Power Snatches
barx3(high hang) 40x1+1 HHx2 sets 50x1+ohs+1HH+ohsx2 sets 50x2+2ohs
I am trying to explore the power versions a little more to help me get faster more explosive in my pull, and they are fun!
3 rounds for time
100m row
2 12 ft. rope climbs no feet
20 situps
First week of the Texas Method prog., and I have identified some weaknesses I need to work on. Its only been a week but I think this will be a good template for me for strength and Gpp/weakness work.

Jonathan Owen 12-04-2007 06:12 PM

I normally have to work on tues night, but I had tonight off. Training was at WS S&C. Winter is officially here, the snowfall is 5 " for now.

warmup-jump rope, burg pvc and light power snatches

27.5x3(power) 40x1p2deck 50x2 57.5x1x1f 57.5x1fx1 57.5x2 61x2(ugly2nd rep) 61x2 (pretty decent)
1st time doing full snatches since meet and form was a little iffy, off the floor was good but timing was the problem.
Back Squat (kilos)x
barx5 40x5 60x3 70x2 80x2 87.5x5x4
Theses were really good tonight!
Push Press
40x5 45x5 50x2 60x2 77.5x1x1f 77.5x1 65x3x3
I wanted to increase 5 #s from last weeks 6x3, not in the tank tonight!
Wasnt going to happen, so I backed down to 65x3x3. I was pissed about it but, "They can't all be gems."

Jonathan Owen 12-06-2007 06:49 PM

Wilson Spencer S&C
Warmup-5 min. of jump rope

High Hang power clean
27.5x3 27.5x3
pw. cl.+fs+pj
Clean & Jerk
40x3 50x3 60x2 65x2 70x1 75x1x2
Really good tonight!


40x3 60x3 70x3 75x3x3
felt really solid and easy like they were supposed too!

Strict Press

barx5 65x5(#'s) 40x5 52.5x5x2

really nice! this is what I was supposed to do last week but couldnt nail the 5th rep on the 2nd set
Its going to be important to really be focused when I have to train at the WC

21-15-9 rounds for time

kipping pullup
45#oh squat

Wow! This hurt! But I was glad I did it when all was said and done!

The cleans felt really good and easy tonight, no rust at all. Good work tonight!

Jonathan Owen 12-08-2007 01:01 PM

Wilson Spencer S&C

warmup- 5min jump rope, pvc burgener, pvc snatch balance

Power Cleans
27.5x3 (1+2 HH) 40x2 50x2 60x2 70x2 75x2
Had good snap today, the 75 felt very crisp and easy

Back Squat

barx5 40x5 60x5 70x5 80x5 85x2 92.5x5
The heavy set of 5 felt easy! After I racked it I immediately thought I should have done 95, but hindsight is 20/20

Push Press
barx5 40x5 50x3 60x3 67.5x2 70x1 80x1 82.5x1(F) 82.5x1
The missed rep with 82.5 was a lack of focus, I took a pause, got back under it and nailed it clean. I originally planned to double it but I held off.

75#sx8 40(kilos)x8 45x8 45x6(toes on two bumpers)
Pretty good reps, I am still figuring these out

light metcon
For Time
10 double unders
10 burpees
50 single unders
10 burpees
10 double unders
10 burpees
Skill on DU's held me back and even in just 10 rep increments burpees suck!

Jonathan Owen 12-19-2007 02:12 PM

Way Behind on journal entries
I have a couple of entries to make up.

This done on 12/12/07 after work in the a.m.
Done at WC
warm up 2x250m row
Burgener +3 pow sn. +5 ohs
Pow Clean
Bar x3HH 40x1+1HHx2 50x1+1HHx2 60x1+1HHx2 60x2HHx3 60x1+1HH
Push Press
barx5 40x3 50x3 60x2 71x3x6
strict pullups (martone)


warmup 500m row
10-10 air squats
burg warm up

Hang Pow Sn.
barx5 65#sx3 40x1+1Hx3 45x1+1H 45x2Hx4
Back Squats
95x5 135x5 155x5 185x2 200x5x3
I wanted 5x5 but something just didnt feel right, so I went with my gut and cut short at 3x5, next time.
Back Ext.
5xBW 2x8 25# plate across chest

Experimented with training am and pm today due to busy schedule with work and holiday stuff. In hindsight I dont know how good of an idea it is to train after staying up all night, I will have to experiment with it some more.
I dont know what happened with the squatting, something just didn't feel right (besides the stupid mirror!)

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