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Stefan Borovina 06-25-2008 07:58 PM

Long Cycle C+J - Killing my Wrists
I am pretty new to Kettlebell Training and I am practicing my C+J long cycles to improve my overall work capacity.

I was wondering if there is any resource where I can learn how NOT to kill my hand with the bell as I clean it. Right now I can't do a cycle longer than 3 minutes because my hands get numb from getting smashed so many times.
I have searched on youtube but I can't find anything that really tells you how not to hit your hand.

Thanks to anyone who has any advice.

Dave Gibbs 06-26-2008 01:58 AM

mate, I am by no means an expert in KBs and to a large degree the solution is technique driven. I assume you are banging the wrist/forearm when catching the clean in the rack position? The way I was taught is that its really about controlling the speed of rotation of the KB as it comes over your hand and then using your legs as kinda shock absorbers to absorb the impact a bit.
Personally I also wear a pair of sweatbands high on my wrists and have found that this helps in limiting the bruising!

Darryl Shaw 06-26-2008 04:31 AM

Stefan I'm a beginner myself so I've no idea whether or not this is the correct technique but I've found that I suffer fewer problems with my hands and wrists if I relax my grip and use the same open thumbless grip I use with pull-ups.
What I mean by that is I just let my fingers act as a kind of hook with my thumb resting along the top of the handle during the swing/clean with inertia keeping the 'bell in place without me having to actually grip it and as it rotates into the racked position I recieve it with an open hand with the 'bell resting in the V formed between my thumb and palm. The only time I actually grip the bell with my thumb around the handle is if I don't quite position it right as I change hands and need to make a small adjustment.

Catherine Imes 06-26-2008 04:33 AM


Notice how close he is keeping his arm to his body and notice how far the bell swings out (not far)

If you are using one bell and smashing your wrist, then it could be several things.

1. You could be letting the bell get too far out on the clean. So, when you try to bring it to the rack it ends up flipping over and smashing you on the wrist or forearm instead of landing between the bicep and forearm.

2. You may not be punching up at the right time to get the right landing.

3. It could be the design of the KB you are using in relation to the size of your hand and wrist.

Garrett Smith 06-26-2008 06:59 AM

Bell design is huge. I tried a clean last night with a different bell and it hit a perfect spot on my forearm to make me not want to do any more...

Make sure to have your hand all the way over on the handle, towards your centerline (medial). Don't put your hand in the middle of the handle. Maybe someone else could explain that positioning better...

Catherine Imes 06-26-2008 07:29 AM

Those are good points Garrett. You want to grab the handle with the thumb/index finger towards the corner. This will allow the rest of the handle to lay across the hand so that the bell is resting on the heel of the hand (Not across the palm (Horizontally) where it would strain the wrist. If it is in the correct position, you should be able to hold the bell with an open hand(without gripping it).

Now, always getting it to land in that position takes practice and is dependent on timing and how hard you are gripping the bell. If you overgrip, it will not end up in that spot.

The other thing you can try is to bring the bell to the rack with 2 hands. Get it in the proper position (see videos on youtube) described. Is this position comfortable, i.e. could you stand there for several minutes without any wrist strain? Then clean it from the rack and just try to reverse the movement. Sometimes it's easier for folks to learn from the rack because they know where the bell should land.

Stefan Borovina 06-26-2008 11:27 AM

Wow... great advice... thanks everyone.

I am giving it another shot tomorrow and I am going to try this stuff out. I am going to focus on my grip and how far the bell gets away from me.

I got the kettlebell from muscle driver, and its the only one I have ever used so I can't compare it to anything else.

I think with practice (and some nice wristbands as a cushion) I will be fine.

Darryl Shaw 06-27-2008 04:31 AM

Stefan this video might give you a better idea of where you should be gripping the bell.


Stefan Borovina 06-27-2008 09:00 AM

Great Video Darryl... I am going to try some of this out today.

Stefan Borovina 06-28-2008 10:20 PM

Well I gave it a try and so far no good... I just can't stop the bell from whacking into my wrist/forearm.

I am trying to hold closer to the corner of the bell and rotate it rather than just let it flip over my hand. Maybe I just have a poorly designed kettlebell? How big should the handle be to effectivly clean it?

Maybe i will just work on kettlebell snatches fr now until I can pick up a new bell with a better handle. Or maybe I just need more practice.

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