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Cosmo Mazza 08-08-2008 07:38 PM

Rope Question +
I'm cross posting this on crossfit....

What a day, got a Concept B for $200 on craigslist and I got 30' of manila climbing rope.

What can I do to keep the rope ends from fraying?

(also, does anyone have tips for getting a concept B back to great shape. It feels good from the little I've played with it, but the action is a little rough...it feels like an occassional skip)

By the way, I got the rope unfinished because I plan to use it for tug-o-war and also plan to hang it for climbing occassionally. I will mostly use it looped over my chin bar or bean in house for pull-ups.


Frank Needham 08-09-2008 11:28 AM

Go to a commercial finish dealer (paints) and buy the heaviest polyurethane you can get from them. Dip six inches of the rope ends into it and let dry till hard. Epoxy would be just as good. Might be more than you paid for the rope though. Or, just whip the ends with duct tape. I got my rope off craigs also with all the hardware, ends whipped with epoxy for $12. Now all I need is an apparatus to hang it from.

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