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Steven Low 08-25-2008 07:03 PM

steve's log (bw/gymnastics)
Going reupdate this first post with the last 10 workouts I've done in a bit. Namely because powerathletesmag which I was using has gone down again, so I'm probably going to make a permanent switch over to here with my log.

Need to rearchive my previous entries (65 pages worth of 15 posts on each page) and send them to e-mail (because I only have them on this computer ATM). However, starting now we should be good.

Previous log was here from 05.07.23 to 08.08.13. Rest in peace.


Couple misc vids I uploaded within the past month or two (2x OAC & 15 lbs OAC statics):


Last page of logs:

Thurs: Rest again.

Might be up for some light work tomorrow.. we shall see. My snuffed up nose is almost gone. :)

Fri: 1x3b OAC

Still have my strength thankfully. Went for a fourth but it didn't happen.

I will probably do something tonight, but I don't know what yet. Probably about same volume with OAC and add in a bit of planche work moving back into my cycle again.

Sat: Was out doing stuff all day so when I got back didn't feel like working out (not to mention I only got 3 hrs of sleep).


OAC: 5x2b
rings PPPUs: 4x3 + 10s hold

Felt pretty good today. This was the most volume I have done with OACs in a session (10 each arm).

We shall see where I going to go from here. Probably something light tomorrow (expecting some soreness) and then back into some heavier work Tues/Wed then onto regular schedule.


Eccentric from invert, straddle FL pullups, pull to invert: 3x5
BLMPL: 4x4

Kind of a moderate workout.. made me perspire very lightly.


OAC: 1x4.5l, 1x5r @ 20s rest pause; 1x3.5l, 1x4r @ 20s rest pause.
rings PPPUs: 3x3 + 10s hold

Tough OAC work. Rested 20s between left immediate right OAC... did a bit better than I expected volume-wise, but this felt really good overall. My posterior shoulders start to cramp up after too many OAC so I gotta massage them now.

Planche work was ok. Unfortunately, I don't get much of a good gauge from pseudos, but overall yesterday the BLMPL felt pretty good. Um, last time I approached straddle planche like this it kind snuck up on me; I should be able to get a decent gauge on Thurs as I am going to the gym. Will probably check out the Galimore progression (front lever - muscle up - straddle planche) as well. Going to rest tomorrow to be fresh for that.


Some stretching.. (need to do splits :x) but mostly rest today. I'm actually pretty sore as well so rest is good.


Played around in the gym. Got on the dream machine with some L-cross, maltese and planche work and a couple inverted cross (hard to find the balance point). I can pretty much do these pretty easily with half my weight now (2 pulleys = 1/2 weight) so that's great! :) In other news, tried a couple galimores in a row -- GREAT exercise. If I had the setup I would do these. I also want to set up a pulley system so I can do maltese work. Bah.

OAC: 1x3b alternating; 1x3l, 1x2.5r alternating
PPPUs: 3x5 (purposely squeeze every muscle while pushing -- helped a lot I think)

Med-light day. I feel pretty good right now.

Will probably go hard tomorrow.


OAC: 4x2 alternating @ 1min rest pause
On knee rings maltese: 3x5 pushouts (can do about 1-2 then need to assist slightly)
straddle FL pullups: 3x5

More work in less time with the OACs. Feels pretty good -- 8 with 3 mins of rest. Previously was 8x1 w/ 1 minute rest (about a week or two ago) and then recently did 5 w/ 20s rest pause but that's only 5 in 1:20 which is unsustainable for me at the moment. I'll probably try this next week or go for 1x4. :)

Started back up with the pure maltese work. I want to hit horizontal because I didn't feel like I was getting good stress, and I was right. These are insanely hard even from the knees... it's cross progression all over again (back of the knees moving to heels), lol.

straddle FL pullups mainly just for scap retraction!

Tomorrow I'll be playing golf so I'm gonna rest after that and then Sun will probably be rest as well. Give my elbows a break although they're not feeling bad at all right now.

Steven Low 08-25-2008 09:18 PM

Notes: I will identify exercises for you guys just so you know what they are (if anyone reads this because I mostly use acronyms). Obviously, once I insert my previous about 10 or so workouts in the above you probably won't know what some are BUT I am currently going through a lot of the same work so I'll describe them later (unless you wanna look through my past log).

Generally, I do most of my pure strength work with about 5 mins of rest between each so if there's a comma (or sometimes semicolon) it tends to mean 5 mins of rest unless denoted otherwise.


Sat: Played golf and rested. Got pretty poor sleep unfortunately.

Sun: Rest

Mon: Feel pretty good today. Got about 7 hrs of sleep.. nutrition was half decent.

OAC (one arm chins): 1x4L(eft), 1x4R(ight), 1x3B(oth), 1x3B
maltese leans & pushout (knees on block): 4x5
FL (front lever) pullups: 3x3 slightly hollowed

OACs I had a PR today with 1x4 with both left and right. At the moment, keeping the volume low (10 is the max I've done in a day) to avoid overuse. Also, endurance-wise my left is probably lagging slightly behind than my right so I generally try to prioritize it. However, I may start doing more alternating work so we'll see.

Maltese leans are fairly simple just put a block at ring height and then put my knees right now on the block and lean forward and push out. EXTREMELY freaking hard. In any case, I'm going to approach these much like the iron cross progression I wrote for PMenu... working from my knees to my shins to my toes and then weighted to work towards maltese. Probably gonna test periodically with leans to see how far I am.

As for front lever pullups I use these mainly as my scapular retraction exercise. Namely because pretty much everything else -- any type of pushing, vertical pulling and such -- tend to emphasize protraction and I don't use any weight work such as bench press to hit retractors. I find if I don't do this I lose my strength on stuff like weighted muscle ups. Just to keep on balancing myself out I do a couple sets of these (normally on lighter days).

At the moment my schedule is more or less 3/1/2/1 starting the 3 on Monday (rest Thurs & Sun). If I need to (aka my body feels like it) I take an off day or do light days. Tues and either Fri/Sat I generally take a light/medium day depending on how hard the previous days workouts are.

As for legs... still rehabbing the knee. I occasionally do pistols with my left to keep up my strength but the right is being a persistent piece of crap to heal. I also have splits as my goal, and one arm handstand which I really, really, really need to get cracking on.

Goals in progress
~one arm pullover
~OAC +25 lbs/5 OAC
~rings full planche
~rings maltese
~Broad jump 10 ft (well, get leg to heal moreso first)
~one arm handstand

Goals/skills/techniques on hold
~floor glute-ham raise / bodyweight hamstring curl
~2x bodyweight squat
~2.5x bodyweight DL
~Increase vertical to over 42" (about 30"-32")
~Break 11s 100m & 50s 400m
~butterfly cross, inverted cross, manna [long term]

Goals completed!
~Iron cross (12/08/06) & solidified.
~2x bodyweight dip (03/11/07)
~2x bodyweight deadlift (03/20/07)
~one arm pullup (08/01/07)
~straddle planche (10/30/07) & solidified.
~front lever (12/24/07)
~2x bodyweight pullup (07/28/08 )

Current PRs -- of the weights I have actually tried o_O
285 lbs DL (triple) (07/20/07)
+130 lbs pullup (07/28/08 )
+170 lbs dip (06/16/08 )
9'5" broad jump (08/XX/07)

severely out of condition + reinjured my knee. Oops:
100m: 12.41 (06/23/08 )
400m: 106:93 (06/23/08 )

Frank Needham 08-26-2008 04:21 AM

Nice to see you posting your log here Steven, even if it does mean you had difficulties at the former location :) I can't visualize what this maltese lean is, any pictures about on the net that might show it?

Steven Low 08-26-2008 08:28 PM


Originally Posted by Frank Needham (Post 37712)
Nice to see you posting your log here Steven, even if it does mean you had difficulties at the former location :) I can't visualize what this maltese lean is, any pictures about on the net that might show it?

I am fond of illustrations, but I like to use Paint. So if you guys ask a lot, it will end up being a lot of painted illustrations since I don't like to take vid much (hassle).



Tues: Pretty decent sleep today (7-8 hrs) except I got woken up a few times so it didn't feel as good. :(

Change of plans though. Since I am going to play golf on Sat (barring some stupid rain which it looks like it unfortunately), I am switching up to M,Tu,Th,F training so I'll just go fairly tough with the strength work each day.

Knee feels pretty good at the moment.. been icing and massaging a bunch. I feel like I could jog again and can almost do airsquats without pain. However, I am going to hold off for now since if I reinjure it (for like the 4th time) I will be extremely PISSED. Taking it very, very slow.


OAC: 1x4B, 2x3b
maltese leans: 4x5 knees
FL pullups: 1x2, 4x1 15s rest pause

OAC condensed yesterdays work down into less time (~5 mins less). Progress. Elbows still feel great.. no aches right now albeit these are making me sore still at my posterior delts which seem to be lacking in strength compared to anterior (even with balanced push/pull).

Maltese work I added another set and put a cushion under my knees on the block/bench so I'm more level at the position I need to be. Made it a lot more difficult which is good; this is one of those things if I'm not sweating I'm not working hard enough because it's a full body movement.. even moreso than OAC.

FL pullups were pretty good too this time. Focused on keeping body straight and just did as many as possible with 15s rest between each set.

Ice for my knee and food time now. :)

Frank Needham 08-27-2008 04:46 AM

Thanks, got it now. Anyone who asks a question and gets an intelligent response, no matter the format, ought to be happy with that. That looks like a tough movement.

Steven Low 08-28-2008 01:22 PM

It is a tough movement indeed.

Wed: Rest & a bit of stretching.

Should be a good workout tonight. Going to shoot for 1x5 OAC, but I'm not expecting to make it. After I hit 1x5 I expect to benchmark myself on OAC + weight so we'll see how good it is after that.

Gittit Shwartz 08-28-2008 01:35 PM

Looking forward to following your log! Best of luck rehabbing your knee!

Steven Low 08-28-2008 08:56 PM


Originally Posted by Gittit Shwartz (Post 37860)
Looking forward to following your log! Best of luck rehabbing your knee!

Thanks. :)


Thurs: Sleep was cut in half but ended up feeling decent out of it. Took another nap later.

OAC: 2x4b, 1x3b
maltese leans: 4x5

OAC added another 1x4 set. Feels pretty good.. definitely extremely taxing. I knew by fighting up the 4th rep that I couldn't do another unfortunately... 5 is still a bit away.

Maltese leans seem to be improving a bit.. latter sets are more solid than the were last time I think. Was sweating a bit more this time so it's more effort. Unfortunately, that's all I'm able to tell at the moment because it seemed like the same knee position. :)

Ice for my knee, ice cream for my stomach... going to stretch a bit afterwards.

Steven Low 08-29-2008 10:58 PM

Fri: poor sleep

OAC: 6x2 90s rest pause
maltese leans: 5x5

OAC struggled with the last set or so.. had to assist left arm very slightly. Overall, good increase in density as I got the 12 done in about 7:30 as opposed to the 11 I generally get in 10 mins with max sets. I kinda like this setup with some max set days, some volume days and some density work. It's gotten me up from 1 OAC to 4 OAC in pretty much about a month.

Maltese leans.. felt pretty good. Am going to continue and maybe add in some pseudos planche work again.

Jogged on the knee today some about 200m albeit kinda involuntarily since it was to escape the rain. It's sore tonight which is not necessarily a bad thing.. hopefully I didn't set myself back again. One thing I know is that 200m pace at like 50% of my max left me breathing hard... which means I have sucky cardiovascular ability now. Great....

Steven Low 08-31-2008 12:01 AM

Sat: Poor sleep but got a nap.

Played 9 holes today.. par 31 shot a 44. Probably the best golf I have played in my life, haha (plus the fact a week before I shot 57 on the same 9 -- one of my worse outings). Shot bogey, bogey, par, bogey, dbogey, dbogey, par on last 7 which was best "streak" I've put together (without a double par or triple bogey). Generally, I average about double bogey aka ~49 so it was fun. Now my goal it average bogey and also to get birdie... never gotten one before. Should be playing Monday. :)

Will do some stretching tonight mostly on glutes, hip flexors and hamstrings. Self massage on upper body (cross friction.. some myofascial).

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