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John Velandra 10-02-2008 02:03 AM

2 Odd questions...
A couple of odd questions….

1. If you have a food allergy, would you have been prescribed an epi pen? Are food allergies “toxic” or more of an “irritant”? And at what point does an “irritant” become toxic? (I understand the seafood and nut issue) But the bigger question is, are there varying levels of allergies and toxicity?

2. When someone comes off of either a bout of food poisoning or a stomach “virus”… what should you break “fast” with?? I grew up with tomato soup and cheese sandwich (or crackers) to ease into it; but all that is is acidic food and inflammation loaded grains. which, by default, shouldn't that be the worst thing to start back with?


Garrett Smith 10-02-2008 07:35 AM

An epi pen being prescribed means there is a true "food allergy", as in anaphylaxis and other nasty symptoms. Most of what people refer to as food allergies is really what should be known as "food hypersensitivities".

There are varying levels of allergies. The Wikipedia entry on this topic should help.

Breaking a fast of that sort with fruit is usually a good idea, or cooked sweet potatoes or avocado would work...easily digested stuff.

John Velandra 10-03-2008 01:39 AM

Thanks Garrett,
That helps alot in being able to explain it better and look at things better.

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