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Patrick Yeung 10-12-2008 10:36 AM

Meal Timing Important?
Ive been lurkin around for awhile now and finally got around to makin an account. Great site.

Okay, heres my question though. Is it okay to have the eating time be right before bed?

With my school schedule, mon/wed I am not out till 6, and itd be hard to try and bring/eat all that food between classes. And on the rest of the week, I am working till 9.

So what I have been doing, is just eating when I get home, as much as I can and as clean as I can, then goin to bed.


Scott Kustes 10-12-2008 01:37 PM

I typically don't finish eating until 30-60 minutes before I go to sleep. It might not be optimal, but I haven't noticed any issues with sleep or body composition and I've been doing this for a long time.

Patrick Yeung 10-13-2008 01:36 PM

Well, thats a relief to hear. I just started maybe on and of 2 weeks ago, and already my lifts are still consistant, hit some new PRs too, but ive dropped 5lbs. But I believe alot of it is the water weight I hear you may lose in the start.

I am going to start playing around with the timing more. I feel like I lift stronger and run faster later towards the day rather than earlier. So, I am going to start running on days I have class (mon/wed/fri) in the afternoons around 5, eat some cottage cheese, wait two hours or so, then lift heavy, followed by meal or high protein/fat and minimal carbs.

The tues/thur days, I work as a runner in a hospital, so I am pretty much on the floors runnin around, and climbin stairs for 8-10 hours straight, so I figure thats good cardio. Ill eat cottage cheese again around 7 this time. Then body weight/explosive exercises after work around 8.30 then eat a similar meal, with more carbs though.

Throw in one cycle class, cylcing to class/groceries/gym, and two swim work outs, with one long hike (3-5 hours, 30-40 miles of climbing/descending), two sprint days, and two rest days.

Goals are to cut weight to minimal with maximum power to improve efficiency on long backpacking trips.

I am trying to hike for more days with more miles per day. That means increased speed while carrying heavier weights.

Any suggestions or critiques would be awesome, as I know there are many very knowledgeable people on the forums.


Patrick Yeung 10-21-2008 09:43 AM

If anyone is interested, ive been at it for about a week now, and I feel amazing.

I havent even been terribly strict, got 3 gym work outs in as well as 2 sprinting work outs. The lifts were strong, and I felt like I could keep going. My runs were faster than I have ever been. Plus, ive lost about 5lbs, (probably water weight?) but I have gotten tighter.

Cant wait till the end of the month to see where I am at.

Havent gotten around to any long hikes yet, but this weekend will be my first. Ill be interested to see how I feel on it, cause I usually eat about 700+ calories on these hikes. Definitely bringin some food though. Likely some energy gels in case, but mostly fatty foods, like nuts/seeds and shaved coconut.

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