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Chris Salvato 10-19-2008 04:40 PM

Chris Salvato's Log (Current: Gymnastics Strength)
Well, I am bringing my log into PMenu from www.americanparkour.com ... my original log can be found here:

I have chosen to do this because I feel that I may get more insights here that are more succinct with my goals.

As of late, I get almost no comments on my logs on APK and feel that I may get more of a response/insight here from others who have done programs similar to those I have been experimenting with myself.

Currently, I am 188# at 5'10" with ~14% BF (according to the Omron BF Analyzer).

With that said, I just finished seeing daily linear gains on Rip's SS with the GOMAD diet. I started SS on June 4 and Finished up earlier in October. My squat could have probably progressed for another few weeks but an issue of patellar tendinitis was worsened and some pretty bad hip pain developed when coming out of the hole.

As a result, I have been staying away from squats for a few weeks, and I plan on continuing that until my hip has totally healed. I may stay away longer until the knee heals, as well too.

For the injuries:
Hip - strictly rest
Knee - Ice/Massage 3-4x daily with as much rest as I can

With that in mind, I have put together the following variation of Gant's Hybrid Intermediate program. I feel I understand this the best as I have read PP and understand the weekly linear progression and can implement it very well. Also, I like the idea of MetCons a few days a week...

Below is a chart that shows the program I put together, ignoring squats and focusing on other skills like One Armed Chins (OAC). I plan on executing this plan to work towards achieving MOST of the following goals. The goals in bold are those I plan to achieve with this plan:

36 Inch Vertical
9' Broad Jump
2xBW Squat
1.25xBW Power Clean
2xBW Pullup
2xBW Dip
1xBW Power Snatch
1xBW Press
175# @ 9% BF
One Armed Chin

One Armed HS
DH Muscle Up

I realize most of these are long term/on hold, especially with injuries.


That goes as far as training...

Regarding diet, I have been doing mostly paleo, with dairy (still hooked on milk from GOMAD) as well as IF'ing 2-3x a week. I have done 19 hour fasts, but I may fast more frequently with a larger eating window to ease into multi-day fasts.

With all of this said...here is a current list of my PRs:
P. Clean - 215x1
Deadlift - 355x1
Weighted Chin - +100x1
OH Press - 163x1
Bench Press - 225x1
Squat - 300x3

Chris Salvato 10-20-2008 06:54 PM

10/20/2008: 15 Hour Fast (9 PM to 12 PM) Broke fast with .75# Salmon, Salad with cheese/EVOO, Oatmeal & Milk.

Light C2 Rowing - 2:35; 614 m; 38 cal
Burg WU

HSPU (full ROM)
3x3 Negatives

Last negative was much faster than the others. Thus cut it at 3x3 instead of 4x3 or 5x3.

My platform was taken, so I did some OAHS holds against the wall...
OAHS Holds
3x5 seconds each arm

P. Clean

Only one bad falter where I had a bad first pull on the second rep of 4th set. Aside from that, the reps took a lot of effort, but I got them up. The bar did not get high enough (or i did not got low enough fast enough) on a couple of reps and i had to rotate my humerus up and force the bar into the rack position.


Very last rep was the only one that required a bit of a kip, so cut it there.

Row 3 rounds of 500 meters with 1 minute rest.

1 - 1:42
2 - 1:53
3 - 2:00

Wanted to do 4 rounds for 2k, but started to get hip pain just where my bursitis is...so I cut it one round short.

Reverse Hypers

George Mounce 10-20-2008 07:40 PM

Hello and welcome, I'm sure others will chime in, its just later on the east coast.

Chris Salvato 10-21-2008 06:33 PM

Thanks for the welcome George!

10/21/2008: No fast today. Will be fasting tomorrow for 15-16 hours.

360 Pulls 4x2
BRS Practice - FAIL. I have no idea how to work up to this. I just can't seem to get HIGH enough...

Muscle Ups
3x3 MU Negatives

Negatives were strongest ever. Very slow and strong and controlled. I FELT like a beast doing these...rather than feeling like I was at their mercy..for the first time pretty much ever.

The Rows seemed kind of...easy. But they did help with learning the sensations of a slow transition...I guess...


133xF - Tried a jump that was too big...

Felt a bit slow to warm up. As I went through, I got better, indicating that it was an issue of practice/technique. I jump FORWARD...so I am trying to fix that. Also, i am finding Greg's SCARECROW cue to be quite useful.


3xF-1 (Shoot for 15)

1 - 12
2 - 10
3 - 9

Getting there. Next time I am sure I can get a set of 15 in there.


1.5 Pood KB Swings

- First really intense MetCon in a while. I now remember what it feels like to be suicidal yet like a superhero at the same time.

Chris Salvato 10-22-2008 08:07 PM

C2 Rower (light) - 2:35; 682 m; 48 cal
Burg WU

3x3 Negatives

Cut this at 3 sets as I felt my negatives getting faster and less controlled...


Felt strong but was losing explosiveness by 4th set. Also had this kinda broken up by teaching someone else how to clean.


Going for 4th Rep I failed. Going to stick with 3 reps and jump up to 335 next time.

4x2 Negatives Each Arm without dropping down.

Brought down the overall volume a bit since i did WPU 2 days prior..

Next time, I will likely do single negatives, but 8 sets with attempts made at a true 1 armed negative rather than using my off hand to assist...

Reverse Hypers +50x3x8

My splits seemed EXTREMELY easy this time around. Some days I feel tight but this was not one of those day...I was even able to do split to HS Straddle Press VERY easily which sometimes presents a challenge. I guess it was just an ON day...or maybe its cuz of fasting.. :P

Derek Simonds 10-23-2008 06:36 AM

Like George said welcome to the PM. I just did a brief scan of your log and your training looks pretty darn good. If you have any specific questions make sure to post.

Chris Salvato 10-25-2008 07:50 PM

Thanks Derek! I appreciate the complement -- I try my best to do my HW before I implement it into my routines and it has paid off so far!

10/23/2008: Rest day

10/24/2008: Was supposed to be a work day. I was screwed up though because I had only 3 hours sleep the night before. I decided, instead, to play it safe and take the day off.

10/25/2008: 17 Hour Fast.

I fucked up my training. Was a work day but I am not used to how I currently do things, I guess. I was supposed to do OH Press work today but did Dips instead because I confused T and F workout schedules. Oh well, I planned on changing this up next week any way to work my squats back in the mix.

C2 Rower - 2:36; 663 m; 44 cal
Burg x1

Muscle Ups
DH Muscle Up Attempt - Success!!! However, It was sloppy as balls, which is normal. Negatives will likely clean it up if I continue them for a bit more.

2x4 MU Negatives - Most reps were good but I have broken skin from my last MU Negs workout. Caused a lot of pain that hindered performance so some negs were fast...

DH Muscle Up Concentrics - 2 more Successful, No Kip, but sloppy reps.

P. Snatch
131x2x3 - Tried to do this for 5 sets but decided to back off after 2 sets..

I had to back off. My form on 131 was just not where it should be and doing heavy weights with bad technique is just bad. Next time I will focus on much higher volume with lower weight to get the technique down. I still jump forward sometimes, and I sometimes don't get the weight all the way over my head. I need to extend fully better...and change direction better while keeping the bar close. It will come, I'm sure...if i work at it :)

Dips (Should have been presses but I totally forgot...)
3xF-1 (Shoot for 15)

1 - 13 + F (big mistake..)
2 - 9
3 - 6

Likely, I needed more time to recover from my last dips session AND I forgot that I was supposed to do presses today, like I said above. Oh well...

3 Rounds:
94 foot sprints x2 (One end of a BBall Court to the other and back)
8 Pullups
10 1.5 Pood KB Swings

~5:26 - Was timing based off a clock not a stopwatch so the time is a bit iffy...but it was fairly quick and intense.

10/26/2008: Rest Day. No fast

Chris Salvato 10-27-2008 08:17 PM

10/27/2008: 16 Hour Fast (8 PM to 12 PM)

Light C2 Rowing - 2:37; 645 m; 41 cal
Burg WU

HSPU (full ROM)
Concentrics: Fail; Single; Single; Single; Fail

I was happy with this since I never did full ROM HSPU concentrics before successfully. I will be working on singles before my negatives each time now...but will continue negatives.

2x4 Negatives

Felt them speeding up after the 2nd rep of 2nd set. Felt my volume was about right here..

P. Clean

On the fourth set I felt like a fifth set would definitely be pushing it. I had to dip down low...still only 1/4 squat...but really fight that out of the bottom to extension. I did the backoff set as a DE to address form. It is amazing how heavy 155 feels at the start, then how it floats up almost like a feather at the end.

This was really good results as 215 used to be my 1RM. Hopefully, next time, i can bang out at least 220 on one of my sets.


No kips, but did definitely reduce volume. Next time a jump to 80# and we will see how many reps I can do of that per set...

4 Rounds:
2 MU
4 HSPU (not full ROM)


I thought this was going to be easy and quick.

Boy was I wrong...I needed more rest than I thought between rounds..and my form on my kipping MUs really suffered as the sets went on. My MU's were much more like a kip than anything else.

WODs are WAY different after strength work...

None. Needed to get home to spend time with my brother who is visiting.

Chris H Laing 10-28-2008 06:27 PM

I'll definitely be watching your log because you and I have some similiar goals, like a full rom HSPU, and OAC. Im doing SS right now and as soon as I'm done I'll be starting a hybrid of my own. Mine is a little more gymnastic based though.

Definitely interested to see what kind of training you do for the HSPU and OAC.

Steven Low 10-28-2008 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by Chris H Laing (Post 41902)
I'll definitely be watching your log because you and I have some similiar goals, like a full rom HSPU, and OAC. Im doing SS right now and as soon as I'm done I'll be starting a hybrid of my own. Mine is a little more gymnastic based though.

Definitely interested to see what kind of training you do for the HSPU and OAC.

He's more or less doing what I tell him. Har har. :p

Oh... hi Chris.

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