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Timothy Scalise 11-03-2008 09:15 PM

Timothy's training log
so I decided to start a training log of my olympic lifting and met-cons. By the way im new, Hi.

Mon. 11/3/08

Sn: 70,70,70,75,75*,75*,80*,80*80,85*,85*,85*
bs: 100X3,105X3,110X3,115X3,120X3
2000m row: 9:17

so the format I used was 3 attempts at a weight if I miss it all 3 times then go back down and start again until I get to at least 10 singles, but if I make it 1-3 times out of the 3 then I add 5kg.

my prs as of now are
sn 82.5
cj 95
bs 130
fs 120

I didnt do any met-con work today or any general fitness cause on sunday I decided to kill myself in the gym for a rest day live and learn I guess :P

Hope people read this, comments keep me motivated. A good friend of mine got to go train in china so I kind of am doing training how I have picked up from what I was told. Oh yeah and just for bragging rights, I work with Tommy Kono sometimes, he actually taught me how to life (no real reason for that, just like saying that I learned from Tommy).

Timothy Scalise 11-05-2008 01:38 AM

Tues Nov 4
so this was such a crappy day, I ripped the callous off my left hand yesturday wich happens sometimes doing snatches. Usally I just grit right through it the next day but this one was pretty deep. I did the first clean and the first pull hurt but not so bad, but let me tell you when I racked it, felt like my finger ripped off lol. So I taped it wich really messed my grip up a lot, anyway all excuses aside here was today

cj: 85,85,85,90,90,90*,95*,95*,95* <----I was PISSED
cp:100X3, 100X3, 100X3
RDL: 110X3, 110X3, 110X3

so the cp and the RDL were both light, but it was hell on the freaking callous rip. Some may call me a pussy, and I used to call people that complained about ripped callous pussies too, but this one sucks... karma I guess :P.

I did 3 sets of pull-ups, I use a weight assistance machine for now as im getting more strong in the pull-up and functional rhelm.

pull ups: 8 (10th plate), 10 (10th plate), 8(10th plate)
last week I was doing 15 plates, this week 10, next week 8
dips: 5 (5th plate), 8 (5th plate), 10 (5th plate)

and my friend told me to start strething more, cause sometimes I dont, so I spent lots of time stretching and it was great. Hope to have a better workout for this thing tomorrow.

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