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Anton Emery 11-11-2008 10:15 AM

Roy Dean article on Strength and Technique
I spent some time yesterday reading a bunch of articles on Roy Dean's site www.roydeanacademy.com This one about strength and technique in martial arts stuck out to me.


In the beginning i thought BJJ had to be "effortless". I was pretty weak when i started and just got mauled all the time. Then i started doing more strength and conditioning and people started saying that i was doing better on the mat and giving them more of a fight. I realized a certain amount of strength is required, this is a combat sport after all. I think the most important thing is that in practice we train in with technique, and don't attributes to patch up technical holes.

I really like Roy Dean's writing. I need to get over to Bend to study with him sometime.


Greg Davis 11-17-2008 04:00 AM

great article..

i tend to be one of the more athletic people where i train and it was only a few weeks ago that my bjj instructor reiterated not to be intimidated by higher belts.. a purple belt might be damn good at bjj but if u bring it to them, are stronger and faster than them, there is no reason to assume you cant give them a fight

Gant Grimes 11-17-2008 02:17 PM

Nice find. I think the old belief/marketing pitch that strength and size are irrelevant in martial arts is slowly going out pasture.

Derek Simonds 11-18-2008 02:31 PM

That was an excellent read especially with Roy's perspective on the TMA's. I have felt what he is talking about when I have been an uke for Marcio. His technique is so sound that the small amount of strength that he uses is overwhelming.

One of the black belts that I trained with many times would tell me to quit muscling everything then when we were grappling and he didn't like where we were he would use strength on top of his technique to move out of the position. I got so frustrated one day and said man you use strength and he replied yes when I need to not all the time. That was when it kind of clicked for me.

Anton Emery 11-19-2008 09:37 AM

Yea, the whole "strength when i need to" thing is something i have been working on and thinking about. I find if i try to use strength/speed all the time then i end up giving more space to my opponent and i get tired quicker. And i my conditioning is bad enough what with my Starting Strength/mass gain and all this eating. But if i go slow and settle where i need to, like top position, i find i can roll more technically and use less energy. I save the strength and speed for passing guard or escaping from bottom during a hard match.

A good example is the other day i was rolling with a newer guy, at first i was relaxing and just trying to play a technical game, i was doing well, holding top and generally not expending that much energy. Then time went on, i started to think i had to sub him, so i moved quicker, started getting more tired, he got his guard back, and eventually we just stopped because he wanted to join another class. I think if i had concentrated more on being technical and not just about "winning" that would have been a better course. Something to work on.

Then there are other guys my own level and above that when we roll they bring it, and its going to be war involving technique, attributes, and conditioning.

I think both kinds of rolls are good and necessary.


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