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dylan eddy 12-04-2008 08:13 PM

training fat metabolisim
i have a question about training the body to use more fat as fuel in endurance efforts.
my experience and research tells me that this adaptation is very usefull for ultra distance athletes, but i have always used LOTS of LSD training to achieve it in the past. as i have switched to a more CF approach to training i am wondering what i can do to maximise my gains in this area, without doing TOO much LSD (i actually enjoy some).

my thoughts so far:

a. low carb diet with LOTS of fat.

b. doing 60-90 minute moderately paced efforts in a fasted state.

c. pre-exhausting the glycogen in the specific muscle groups beforehand. (say squats before a bike ride or jump rope before a run.)

if it matters my diet now is about 50% fat 25/25 protien and carbs with a 3rd of those carbs coming post workout as per some of Robb Wolfs recommendations. i commute on my bike and am doing a strength biased version of CF at the moment.

im getting set to do a marathon, a 50 miler, and a 12 hour MTB race in the next 6 months its gonna be AWESOME!!

any feedback recommendations?

Steven Low 12-04-2008 08:29 PM

Easiest way to force yourself is the change in diet such as in A. You'll probably feel like crap for maybe a week or two depending on how fast your body can adapt though.

Both B and C will work to lesser extents.

dylan eddy 12-04-2008 08:50 PM

DANG that was fast!
you must live online steven.

How low do the carbs need to be to cause the adaptation? do they really need to be cut back a ton? or is it more a question of doing enough work to burn through what you take in?

dylan eddy 12-04-2008 09:03 PM

never mind!
i used the search and found lots of good answers to the last question.
thanks again

Grissim Connery 12-04-2008 10:00 PM

wait holdup. are you running 50 miles?! straight? do you have to train for that on the interstate?

Steven Low 12-05-2008 04:45 AM


Originally Posted by Grissim Connery (Post 44732)
wait holdup. are you running 50 miles?! straight? do you have to train for that on the interstate?

Haven't heard of ultra marathons before?

Daniel Labuz 12-05-2008 05:47 AM

Check out Wasatch 100, it's 100 miles with like 27,000' elevation gain, just thinking about it makes me shed tears

25% doesn't seem like a low carb diet to me, usually under 20-15% do you get into the low area and anything under 10% would most likely put you in ketosis depending on how many calories you are eating.

Steven Low 12-05-2008 12:35 PM

Here's what Lyle recommends (chart at the bottom):

But obviously getting fat adapted isn't in his overall thinking there.

Mike ODonnell 12-05-2008 01:50 PM

50+ miles is far from a glycolitic based energy system.....I say do low carb, high fat for the most part....every 3days do a strength training session and reload muscle glycogen (CKD stuff) will be like rocket fuel on your next run. Of course I drive anything over 5 miles....but you'll find something that works.

dylan eddy 12-06-2008 11:08 PM

thanks for the replies guys!

MOD do you mean do a strength session on low glycogen, then reload, followed by 2 days of low carbs while running/biking? why put the strength day at the end of the cycle instead of the start when im well fueled?

also whats CKD stuff?

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