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Dan Heaney 12-09-2008 06:39 AM

Anyone ever give this a shot?
Anyone ever give this a shot?


Gary Valentine "Look of Power"

1. Snatch...3 x 3
2. Behind Neck Jerks...3 x 5
3. Front Squats...5 x 3
4. Snatch Pulls...5 x 5
5. Sprints...40 yards, 5 sprints with 20 seconds rest in between

1. Cleans...5 x 3
2. Back Squats...5 x 5
3. Standing Press...3 x 5
4. Clean Pulls...5 x 5
5. Jump Rope...10 second sprints, 5 sprints, with 20 seconds in between

1. Snatch...5 sets, up to a max single
2. Clean and Jerk...5 sets, up to a max single
3. Romanian Deadlift
a. Snatch Grip...2 x 5
b. Clean grip...2 x 5
4. Straight Arm surgs...2 x 5
5. Vertical Jumps for height...10 jump per set, 5 sets, 20 seconds rest in between

Whatever the "Look of Power" is, you WILL have it after six months of this type of traiing. You will certainly BE powerful, which is all that matters. Feel free to adjust sets and reps up or down a bit on a given day. Say push for a rep max on one or all of the exercises depending on how you are recovering.

Any training program is only as good as the nutrition and revoery methods you use. Get two grams of protein per kilo bodyweight every day as a MINIMUM. Fifty calories per kilo bodyweight per day with quality, high fiber, fresh foods, and much water.

George Mounce 12-09-2008 07:17 AM

Did the guy who come up with that not spell check?

Sure seems like a lot of volume on the individual days, but of course there is a lot of rest built into it too. You eat enough though it is sustainable.

Garrett Smith 12-09-2008 08:08 AM


Straight Arm surgs...2 x 5
Is that supposed to be "shrugs"?

Aw c'mon George, Saturday is only working up to two max lifts and a total of 30 sets...(!) Yeesh. Hope anyone who does this has a solid foundation built up first.

Dave Van Skike 12-09-2008 08:36 AM

this is a paste from PB....the board autmatically corrects teh spellign of shrug to the awesome surg.....

as in doing surgs to build your tarps...it is a vastly more correct way of thinking.

the workout is not too crazy per se. I'll bet there's a bunch of people at PB that follw a similar pattern. It's not far off of what I try to do when I'm on my own:

three or four big excercises, addressing squatting, pulling and overheads
mix of explosive lifts and pure strength lifts
always hit a finisher
Saturday being the biggest day of the week.

Derek Simonds 12-09-2008 08:38 AM

I thought it looked interesting. Gary is an Olympic lifting coach and I think he has posted on here before.

It is a ton of volume on Saturday. Usually after max attempts I am totally spent.

Dan Heaney 12-09-2008 08:56 AM

I think it looks fun and I may give it a shot. Just wondering if anyone over here tried it.

George Mounce 12-09-2008 02:46 PM

Don't get me wrong, I think its doable but you need to be monitoring your training very well.

Dave Sheehan 12-10-2008 05:25 AM

What are snatch grips and clean grips? (both 2 x 5 on Saturday)

Allen Yeh 12-10-2008 05:29 AM

Snatch grip romanian deadlift
clean grip romanian deadlift

Dave Sheehan 12-10-2008 07:44 AM

ah of course, my mistake

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