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Garrett Smith 12-09-2008 10:46 AM

8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back--Esther Gokhale's book
Just thought I'd share this with you all.

I read through the free chapter 5 download last night and started working on the drill from that chapter. It was interesting.

There is also another link to "look inside" the book here.

Her ideas on a "tipped forward" pelvis are interesting, she is in favor of it, as opposed to many "back experts" these days.

Anteverted pelvis = good. Hyperlordosis = bad.

After doing the drill last night, I hit two of my best handstands yet, with extremely minimal practice over the last 2-3 weeks. FWIW.

Anyway, I wanted to share. I will likely be buying the book soon.

Steven Low 12-09-2008 10:26 PM

Yeah, that's how a handstand is supposed to be done. Lengthen everything and squeeze the abs in like that but not at the expense of an excessive back arch or bending at the pelvis.

Good resource there.

Mark Bennett 12-10-2008 03:13 AM

I have been looking at this book and it's reviews for a while now. I am now going to jump in and order it, as it looks just like what I have been looking for.

Jay Cohen 12-10-2008 05:25 AM

This book also looks good, along the same lines.

Ageless Spine, Lasting Health: The Open Secret to Pain-Free Living and Comfortable Aging (Paperback)
by Kathleen Porter



Garrett Smith 12-10-2008 06:04 AM

Saw that one too, I heard that Esther's book is the most detailed of the bunch, I like that aspect.

I thought it was interesting about her views on the L5-S1 curve being prominent and the lumbo-thoracic area and thoracic kyphotic curve being relatively flat.

Every chiro or bodyworker I see tells me I have a hyperlordosis (which I believe is exaggerated from what they are used to seeing, due to muscular glutes and back) and a flattened thoracic spine. After seeing this stuff, I'm tending to believe that what I've been doing has been working!

Oh yeah, my back muscles on the outsides (under the ribs) are decently sore today from all the "inner corset" work I was doing yesterday....

Garrett Smith 12-10-2008 02:15 PM

This is such an evolutionary biology approach to posture, I just love it. That and the fact it is contrarian in general, I tend towards those types of approaches...

Ken Rich 12-10-2008 04:18 PM

Great find, Garrett!

She has a really nice cue about extending the tailbone on her website. I downloaded the free chapter and the exercise it details is really nice. I'll definitely get the book and, hopefully, get down to Palo Alto to check out one of her free classes.



Garrett Smith 12-11-2008 07:51 AM

I'm only sharing what I found on the Conditioning Research blog...he puts up some good finds.

Garrett Smith 12-24-2008 07:18 AM

From Gokhale's site:
10 Myths About Posture (PDF)
Good stuff.

EDIT: Just saw the reviews on Amazon for this book. Outrageously positive. I thought members of this forum might be particularly interested in the first one:

This is by far the single best source for healing back pain that I have seen. I hurt my lower back pretty badly doing heavy deadlifts after too long of a layoff (entirely my fault, I know), and pursued a wide variety of different treatment methods. I had previously been exposed to other postural/ alignment methodologies in an attempt to get rid of chronic injuries, which had been helpful, but nothing was as poignant, simple, or direct as Gokhale's work.

There are three outstanding aspects of this book:

1. Gokhale clearly identifies what ideal posture and alignment looks like, and backs this up with numerous photos.
2. Gokhale's method is very, very simple, and once learned, becomes integrated into your everyday life. I know of other methods where you have to spend 30-45 minutes per day doing exercises - this method requires very little extra bandwidth once you have learned it.
3. The book itself is beautifully laid out, with a balance between illustrative photos and explanations.

Considering the amount of time and money I've spent pursuing other treatment methods, this is a ridiculously good value. Don't discount it just because it is so inexpensive! I bought a copy for my parents, and two extra books as I constantly have them loaned out. If you are seeking to get rid of chronic pain, this is my #1 go-to recommendation.
Interesting how fixing "chronic" posture helped to alleviate pain induced by an "acute" injury.

Jay Cohen 12-24-2008 09:54 AM


Originally Posted by Garrett Smith (Post 45198)
This is such an evolutionary biology approach to posture, I just love it. That and the fact it is contrarian in general, I tend towards those types of approaches...


First time I've sat and watched a 53 minute vid, great stuff, book is on my Amazon Wish List.
Thanks, have a great Holiday, enjoy your family.


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