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Julie Cleghorn 12-22-2008 08:33 AM

Julies training log
Todays wod

Worked with CF for a while, after attending CF Games wanted to concentrate more on oly lifts as I have a LOT to learn!!

3x5 back squat 60kg
clean deadlifts 3x3 62.5kg
push press 5x5 37.5kg

Thought it was upright row doh!

worked up to max 35kg for 1 rep

run 2 miles 14.10

Forgot to put my recent lifts!

Body weight 55kg

Back Squat 82.5kg (last July it was 92.5kg)
Deadlift 130kg
bench press 57.5kg
Power clean 57.5kg
Overhead squat 47.5kg
clean & jerk 45kg (never do this lift, but all about to change!)

Kipping pull ups 34

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