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Joe Birch 12-29-2008 03:43 AM

Goals - GPP and fat loss
Bit of background info about my self - I began Xfitting for a short period (~ 1month) and then started does SS because my strength was probably a big limiting factor. Ever since then I've really enjoyed the strength training and have been doing that solely ever since (on and off for the last 3 months, lacked a bit of consistency because of working night shifts and long hours at work. I'm eating 4 meals a day + GOMAD and I gained a bit of fat to start with but fat gain tapered off at about ~13-15% (started at ~7-8% by hydrostatic weighing) and have stayed fairly lean despite taking in about 4000kcal/day. Currently at 176 pounds (170cm tall), Squat 280#, Press 143#, DL 350#.

I'm going travelling in 8 weeks and fancied having a go at a bit of Xfitting before that and lean out a bit just for my own vanity. My goals are too maintain my strength, lean down to about 8% BF - also I did fran twice in my month of xfitting and my best time was 7:10 as Rx'd so another goal would be to smash that time with more strength and go for a 6 min fran by the end of the 8 weeks.

My current level of conditioning is probably the worst it's ever been so not going to go mad on the volume of metcon to start with. I did plan on jus doing the WOD but I love the strength training too much to not plan it my self. Plan to start with is as follows just wondered what you guys thought:

Mon - weightlifting (volume) - 5x5 or 3x10

Tues - kipping practice (not brilliant at PU's so thought i'd dedicate some time to this in view of my fran goals) + heavy metcon (<10min) - probably borrow form cathletics wods

Weds - rest day

Thurs - longer WOD from xfit website (won't go mental on this day to start with because otherwise my DOMS will mess up sat training - will have to test the water to start as I remember my initial DOMS were faily severe when i first began Xfit but they did gradually abate as expected - want to eventually do some pretty hard running WODS on this day including 100, 400 and 800m distances).

Friday - rest day

Sat - weightlifting (intensity) 5x3 or work up to heaviest set of 5 + short metcon (<10 min)

Sun - rest day

Diet - going to cut the milk and eat 4 paleo meals a day, prob throw about 50%of my daily carb intake into my PWO meal.

Thanks for reading (bit of an essay), would love to hear what you think/how it could be improved. Was thinking of using tuesday as the day for practising new skills (eg, kipping) so any thoughts on what might be useful there. Was thinking handstand prac or o-lifting (but im doing a masters in ex phys after travelling where i'll have a coach so may just wait until then).

Thanks, Joe.

Allen Yeh 12-29-2008 07:20 AM

Sounds like a sound plan, keep us posted on your progress.

Júlíus G. Magnússon 12-29-2008 08:26 AM

You could probably do with one less rest day and one more metcon if you're trying to get rid of fat.

Why not do:

1 - Weightlifting (Volume)
2 - Metcon (Medium - Light)
3 - Skill Work, Metcon (Short - Heavy)
4 - Rest
5 - Weightlifting (Intensity)
6 - Metcon (Medium - Light)
7 - Skill Work, Metcon (Short - Heavy)
8 - Rest

Steven Low 12-29-2008 10:10 AM

Start slow for 1-2 weeks to allow your body to adapt to the high volume again. Otherwise you'll be constantly sore which is BAD. Soreness should dissipate as you get adapted to it. You should be able to adapt to it within a couple weeks and leave the soreness behind completely except for hero workouts.

Thus, I would also keep the extra rest day initially.. then add in a workout when you're adapted.

Joe Birch 12-29-2008 10:33 AM

Okay seems like a good idea to progress with the volume so I will give it a crack for 2 weeks then play about with adding in another metcon session.

In terms of diet going to hit the paleo as I said for 4 meals/day. Probably end up taking in ~35/30/35 (C/P/F) totalling ~2000kcal. I'm a creature of habit and I like eating the same thing every day so should be consistent with this part of the prog but I have got one other question. My working day consists of 2 hours in the morning (7am-9am) then work again in the afternoon starting at 1 or 2pm and since i don't make a habit of getting up much ealier than 6.30am I'm trying to think of quick ways to get some paleo friendly food down me.

Was thinking of either a) just fasting until I get back and whipping up something proper like an omlette or something or b) just quickly having a shake, an apple and some nuts - I'd rather just have the shake etc just because its easy and I won't be hungry at work but on the other hand I'd sacrafice that for some proper protein grub if its worth in terms of recovery - what do you guys think?
Was going to ask about total kcal intake to maintain strength but I'll just black box it at 2000kcal for a couple of weeks and tweak it from there if I need to.

Thanks for the replys guys! Joe.

Arien Malec 12-29-2008 11:29 AM


Originally Posted by Joe Birch (Post 46611)
Was going to ask about total kcal intake to maintain strength but I'll just black box it at 2000kcal for a couple of weeks and tweak it from there if I need to.

You said you like consistency, but one thing that works well, in my experience, is to calorie cycle -- that is, throw in some days at maintenance calories with other days at 1/2 maintenance to create an overall weekly caloric deficit - that can help stave off issues with leptin and overall metabolism.

Keeping insulin low helps with fat mobilization, so low carbing the low caloric days can help, as does eating most of your carbohydrates in the PWO period, particularly after your long CF session. For off the deep end stuff, LC and low calorie 4 days, finish with a longer CF metcon, and do a major carb up post-workout (sweet potatoes are good here, as is oatmeal if you want to break the paleo eating slightly).

Joe Birch 12-29-2008 02:25 PM

Okay I'll take that on board, might give a bit of nutrient cycling a go after a couple of weeks - going to try and ween my self off the large amount of carbs im eating at the moment first of all then i may get a bit more complex with the diet.. get the basics first hey :)

Just out of interest do you know of any good sources of info about nutrient cycling? Just read good calories bad calories by Taubes which was decent for insulin info (bit one sided but he gets his point across!).

Cheers, Joe.

Derek Weaver 01-04-2009 01:23 PM

There's a newly resurrected thread at Lyle's forum on EOD refeeds that may apply to the nutrient/calorie/carb cycling approach.

Pretty interesting stuff in there.

Arien Malec 01-04-2009 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by Derek Weaver (Post 46970)
There's a newly resurrected thread at Lyle's forum on EOD refeeds that may apply to the nutrient/calorie/carb cycling approach

Yep, and his UD2.0. BodyOpus and the Metabolic Diet as well.

Derek Weaver 01-04-2009 11:21 PM

Indeed. Plenty of stuff. Forgot Natural Hormonal Enhancement too.

Lyle seems pretty adamant that UD2.0 not be an approach but a set program and schedule. I don't have enough information on it, but I do remember that he recommends that males be sub 12% bf before doing the program.

I personally hate the one or two day carb load of something like the Metabolic/Anabolic Diet. I feel like garbage on the carb up day(s) and am totally depleted by week's end... I'm guessing beyond the point intended as I feel awful in my workouts by that point.

I personally think for someone doing a fair amount of GPP work along with power and strength, that something more like a 3/1 Low carb:Refeed schedule would be quite effective.

Check out the refeed thread here if you want. It's long, but it's the best thread I've seen over at his new(er) forum.

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