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Joe Birch 01-12-2009 02:28 PM

My hybrid(ish) training
Goals are too maintain current levels of strength and lean out to about 6-8% BF (currently ~12%) - will do fran (scaled) in my first week and will set goals for this as well after i know where i stand!

Plan: mon-weights (volume) / tues-skills prac (olifts/gym/kipping) + short metcon / weds-rest / thurs-longer metcon / fri-rest / sat-weights (intensity) + heavy metcon (<10min) / sun-rest.

Will take it easy too start with on the conditioning side because i've not done any in months so DOMs will be fairly severe!

Today (monday 12th Jan):

Squats (ATG) - 97.5kg x 10 x 3 (reps x sets)

Press - 47.5kg x 10 / 47.5 x 8 / 47.5 x 8 (tending to rock back onto my heels too much when the weight is over head and losing balance so need to try and work on this next time).

Chins - 10kg x 5 x 3 (my pull ups are not great at the moment, not done any in a while so wil hopefully see some decent linear progression here *touch wood*).

Food: brekkie-apple, cashews and pro shake / lunch-3 sausages + 3 eggs / dinner (PWO)-small portion pasta w/ 250g red mince meat in chopped tomato sauce / before bed-200g mince meat in chopped tomato's.

Still fairly high calorie but significantly reduced my carb intake compared to what i was eating on SS (ton of pasta, GOMAD and other sweetie goodies) but I was still fairly lean on that diet so will stick with this while I can then reduce my kcal intake and possibly do some carb cycling if i get stuck.

Any comments/thoughts more than welcome!

Leo Soubbotine 01-12-2009 04:53 PM

What is scaled when you do Fran and what's your stats?

Kevin Perry 01-12-2009 06:06 PM

welcome to the boards.

Joe Birch 01-15-2009 05:06 AM

Not had access to the internet for the last few days so a bit of catch up!

Tuesday (13/1/09):

3 rounds of 400m row, 10 box jumps (30"), 5 clapping press ups.
Time: 9:37

Thought this workout would take me around 10mins so it worked nicely for my first bit of conditioning for a very long time! The rowing took me a total of just under five minutes and the press ups were fine so it was the time i took to recover from the row before the box jumps that slowed me! Needless to say I felt pretty horrendous after this, took me at least 3 times the workout to recover, hovering around the toilet!

P.S. Height 170cm, weight 80.5kg (done on tuesday).
5rep max's (will do my CFT on Saturday): Squat 120kg, Press 55kg, DL 160kg.
First time i do fran i'll probably have to do jumping pull ups and potentially scale down the thruster weight we'll see.

Joe Birch 01-15-2009 05:09 AM

Wednesday (14/1/09) - rest day.

Bit of soreness today especially in my back, probably a combo of the volume of squats and the rowing - but not too bad, going to do a longer metcon tomorrow so i'll enjoy the lack of DOMs while i can!

Joe Birch 01-15-2009 09:47 AM

Thursday (15/1/09).

Went to the park to have a kick about with some friends then managed to convince them to join me in a workout afterwards, after the footy which was fairly tiring i wanted about a 20 minute workout so did as follows:

10 rounds of 30m sprint, 5 pull ups, 10 press ups.
Had nothing to time with but i'd guesstimate in the region of 15-17mins.

Was nice to have a field to run on instead of a treadmill so may do all of my longer metcons at the park. I managed the pull ups unbroken every round but form was debatable by the end, had to break up the press ups in the last 3 rounds. Didn't feel as horrendous as yesterday after this one, but I did graze my knee in the park like a schoolboy... but unfortunately no yummy mummies were around to tend to me :(

Really keen to get and get a hoooooge tractor tyre and take it down the park to incorporate into these sessions!

Joe Birch 01-16-2009 07:56 AM

Friday (16/1/09) - rest day.

Really sore upper body wise today, but legs feel fine and I don't seem to be suffering any lack of energy after my big reduction in carbs. Will be interesting to see my weight in the gym tomorrow.

Joe Birch 01-19-2009 08:37 AM

Saterday (17/1/09)


Squat: (1) 120 (2) 130 (3) 135k - maybe could have done 137.5kg but thought i'd stop after 3 attempts.

Press: (1) 60kg (only just) (2) 62.5kg (failed) - bit dissapointed with this was hoping for 65kg but was still fairly sore in the upper body so maybe had some effect.

DL: (1) 150 (2) 160kg (just)

Short metcon - scaled fran - 21-15-9 of 35kg Thrusters and pullups (did one jumping pullup followed by one kipped)

Time: 7:31 - quite happy with this as I did this workout before i did SS and it took me over 10 minutes with 30kg thrusters and all jumping pullups, just goes to show the extra strength helps significantly.

Joe Birch 01-19-2009 01:36 PM

Monday (19/1/09)

Weights - volume

Squats: 100kg x 10 x 3

Press: 47.5kg x 10 / 47.5 x 8 / 47.5 x 7 (going to change to 5x5 next session not making any progress in this rep range any more).

PUs: 12.5kg x 5 x 3 (sets x reps) - always struggled too make any real progress on PU's, any ideas people?

Not a great session to be honest, had poo recovery after saterday cos I drank too much vodka! Need to try and mix it up on the pullups I think it's my max strength thats limiting me so might try 5 sets of 3.

Joe Birch 01-20-2009 06:37 AM

Tuesday (20/1/09) - Short metcon

Did some butterfly kip practice at the beginning of the session, felt quite good, much more competent at these than the traditional kip!


200m row, 20 situps, 10 BFK pullups
300m row, 30 situps, 7 BFK pullups
400m row, 40 situps, 5 BFK pullups,
200m row.

Time: 13:07 (my recovery from the intense rowing was much better than last tuesday so quite happy with that, situps were a bit slow though).

Arms are like jelly this afternoon will try and avoid anything using my biceps in he next session they are sore!

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