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Donald Lee 01-20-2009 09:19 PM

Shoulder Pain from Planche Training
I've been doing the Advanced Frog Stand (straight arm), and I feel pain when I let go. During the Adv. Frog Stand, I don't feel any pain, but once I let go of the tension, an intense pain bursts through my shoulders. It feels like an impingement. I do dips without any pain, so impingement hasn't been a problem for me in the past.

The pain hasn't been so great that it was hindering me, but I've recently begun doing Bulgarian Dips, which makes my front deltoids tender. I did Bulgarian Dips yesterday, and today, the pain in my shoulders while doing Adv. Frog Stand was like x10 of the usual. It got a bit better later in the workout though.

Does anybody have similar experiences while training for the planche?

Steven Low 01-20-2009 09:33 PM

Yeah, I used to get that.

Massage/tennis ball them shoulders (both from and back) everytime you think of it.

I assume it's cause they're tight and there's a lot of adhesions pulling on the nerves and such.. but really not sure. :) Goes away if you get your shoulder healthier.

Garrett Smith 01-21-2009 05:11 AM

Are you doing any back lever or front lever progressions? That might help balance out the strength front-to-back.

Sounds like the Bulgarian dips are really aggravating things too. You might want to go easy on them or take a break from them for a while.

Gittit Shwartz 01-21-2009 06:08 AM

That's interesting. I get the same thing in my forearms whenever I release tension in palms supinated position - letting go of the bar after a chin-up, coming down from tucked planche with palms reversed. No pain during the exercise itself. Will try massaging them and see if that changes anything.

Garrett Smith 01-21-2009 07:34 AM

I had what I believe was a similar forearm pain to yours. I got rid of it by always doing wrist prehab--closed and open-chain mobility and a little stretching--before my gymnastics (this is a big part of the routine). Since that time, I also stopped doing my planches on parallettes (that was the worst for me) and now do them on the floor (fingers forward).

I also did some laser therapy (3-4 sessions) and changed how I hold my daughter on my arm--instead of holding her with my forearm fully supinated, I rotate my forearm to a more "neutral" position. I definitely made sure I avoided all nightshades during this period. Holiday cheat eating and stress also likely played a role in increasing my general inflammation levels.

After a week of "treatment", my pain went away.

Donald Lee 01-21-2009 07:34 AM


Originally Posted by Garrett Smith (Post 48251)
Are you doing any back lever or front lever progressions? That might help balance out the strength front-to-back.

Sounds like the Bulgarian dips are really aggravating things too. You might want to go easy on them or take a break from them for a while.

I'm pretty close to achieving the front lever, but I haven't done any back lever work. I've been doing a lot of mobility work for my shoulders-wall extensions, external and internal rotation stretches, reach over and lift exercise, shoulder dislocates, etc. I've seen a lot of improvements, but my internal rotation is really lacking, esp. because I don't put much emphasis on it because it doesn't seem to be hindering me in any obvious way. My wall extensions are getting better, but I wish they got better faster. :)

I did try massaging the front deltoids a bit, and it does feel as if there might be some minor knots. I'll try massaging my shoulders and see how that goes.

Grissim Connery 01-21-2009 08:56 AM

i would definately recommend some back lever work along with german hangs. i normally don't feel ready for any workout unless i've done a few skin the cats. it really builds a whole lot of coordination in your upper back that will help you gain control of your shoulder blades. also it really loosens up my traps, and i feel that when these loosen up a bit, i balance out the use of all my back muscles. doing back levers with a supinated grip will also really force you to get your shoulder blades moving.

Grissim Connery 01-21-2009 08:57 AM

plus since you're facing the floor like a planche, it's gonna train a lot of the same stuff.

Donald Lee 01-21-2009 10:54 AM

I've been holding off on the back lever until I achieve the front lever, and I don't really have much time or ability to add in anything more right now. I will try adding in some German hangs and maybe some skin the cats to my warmup. I have limited space, so I may only be able to do the skin the cats in the tuck version.

I've been neglecting to stretch the shoulders in the manner of flexibility that's required for the German hangs. Maybe that's part of the problem. There always seems to be more bases to cover...

Garrett Smith 01-21-2009 11:11 AM

My rings hang about midway between the floor of my garage and the 8 foot ceiling. Better to do the skin-the-cats and tuck at the bottom than to not do them at all.

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