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Matthieu Hertilus 03-02-2009 07:44 PM

CA WOD and Programming
I've been looking for a structered program that will help me refine my olympic lifting technique while helping me add some strength along the way. I found this site not too long ago and started doing the WOD from the beginning (Oct 2007). Is this a good place to start? Could I just jump right into the current WODs or do does anone have any ideas of specific programs I could look into following?

Greg Everett 03-02-2009 09:42 PM

Matthieu -

If you want strictly o-lifting/strength, you can do Mike Burgener's WOD at www.mikesgym.org. I program a lot like him, so our WODs look fairly similar in many senses, but I do add a little bit of conditioning here, whereas he does lifting exclusively. Either one will get you stronger without a doubt.

If you want to jump in here, I'd actually suggest going back in the archives to the beginning of this strength cycle (started Feb 9) and start there, then jump in with the current WOD when we start the big cycle again in about 5 weeks.

Matthieu Hertilus 03-03-2009 09:32 AM

Thank You. I found it - Feb 9 Start of Strength Cycle 2 week 1. I think i'll keep the metcon work because i like having some sort of conditioning in my workouts as well.

The other question that came to mind is the issue of working with certain deficiencies (i.e. weak + tight hip flexors, weak abdominal muscles). Is it possible to still do something like the strength or Bulgarian cycle while working on these problems or would it be better to work on these problems first? (though i really love the olympic lifts and all their variations and don't want to stop). I was thinking of doing the strength cycle but adding in things such as core stabalization work, hip flexor exercises, more hip extension exercises (i.e. step-ups, lunges, pull throughs). What do you think?

Thank You again for the advice.

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