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Brian Lawyer 03-10-2009 08:45 AM

My Fault Correction Analysis
The below analysis is from one of my recent Snatch workouts. I figured out how to replay video on my camera in very slow motion and these three faults became very evident to me:

1. Inadequate Layback
2. Jumping backward (I am referring to over a foot or not a couple inches)
3. Loss of back angle before second pull (not a slight shift but hips coming up noticeably faster)

Of these three, Inadequate Layback was the most pervasive and I will cover in more detail below. Jumping backward (over a foot) only happened about 3 out of 10 reps on snatch. I am going to chalk up those 3 reps to just lack of focus and because I wasn't really in the "zone" this particular training day. Loss of back angle was only really noticeable on one of the reps towards the very end of my workout. This is likely because I have been concsiously trying to maintain more of an upright posture going into the second pull for the last couple weeks. So I appeared to have fixed the Loss of back angle problem for the most part. Greg's article on Olympic start position also helped this problem.

So back to my discussion on Inadequate Layback which, as previously noted, is my most pervasive problem currently. I say pervasive because I noticed this on every single rep. At the end of my second pull, my body was still very much vertical, as in no layback. From watching the video, it looked as if my hips just didn't ever finish fully extending. I'm convinced this is a byproduct of my tight hip flexors due to sitting all day long and a 2 hour round trip commute to work everyday.

I went over fault correction in Everett's book and was surprised to see jumping backwards is one way to correct this. The reason I was surprised is because Jumping backwards has also been one of my problems in the past. Another correction was simply loading a bar with tons of weight and leaning back with weight on heels. I did this a few times last night to see how it feels.


Brian Lawyer 03-10-2009 09:14 AM

FYI, I was thinking on my next work out I want to use a lighter working weight around 165lbs (my Sn PR is 210) and do about 5 sets of the complex "Halting snatch grip DL + Snatch Pull +Snatch".

I thought I could use some straps so I have no grip distractions. I have a pair of Short and Sweet Ironmind straps that I haven't really had much of a chance to use. I can work the upright posture on the Halting SGDL, then work the hip extension and layback on the snatch pull, then put it together in a full Snatch.

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