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Torsten Hauptmann 03-31-2009 01:23 PM

Should i switch fully to WL/how fast do i loose endurance?
it would be nice if the thread would be shifted to the GPP forum if it is more appropriate there.

really great things happend to me:
1. l found a weightlifting club.
2. The althletic performance of the trainer is impressive. He did not tell me his age but said that he is going to approach 70 so he is older than 65. And he said that due to riding daily one hour bicycle his performance went down. and he is definitly lighter than 70 Kg probably 65kg but he could Dl 160Kgs for reps!
3. The trainer has a stunning history: he worked with not one but two Olympic champions:
Joachim Kunz (67,5 Kg class) won 1988 in Seoul and he did several WRs e.g.: 1982 Snatch 152,5 kg. 1988 C&J: 198,0 kg
Karl-Heinz Radschinksy (75 Kg class) got the gold medal in Los Angeles 1984.
4. He said i am talented and have a good potential to became a good lifter.

which is not so good:
5. he wanted me to train 4 times a week and CUT OFF ALL OTHER TRAINING I DO!! and he said that endurance goes down very very quickly. but off course he did not know someone doing CF training.

so besids my story here is my question:
as i am too old to became (if it would have been ever possible) a professional weightlifter i do this primary for fun and to develop my potential in this area. I am now not sure if i should only do what he suggests to me in order to get the best improvement in that time. or do i loose a significant amout of endurance in one two weeks or in a month? I want to know where i would go when focusing on WL for some times. or do you think that a litte CF would not have big effects on my WL training? But again the coach said i should do nothing expect WL.

what do you think?


garrett stack 03-31-2009 03:22 PM

Switch , endurance can always be regained , try it for 6 months , or throw in one 2o min metcon a week if you have to.

Seems like a very good opputunity.

George Mounce 03-31-2009 03:40 PM

I think you should quit the rest and listen to that man. Become good at one thing. People these days are all trying to be good at too much, and they suck at everything comparatively. I will always be more impressed by a specialist than a generalist unless it comes to combat survival and weapons usage. Those people are good to have anywhere.

Alex Bond 03-31-2009 04:29 PM

Endurance is easy-come, easy-go. You have a rare opportunity to work with this guy. I would say do it, and if you decide to go back to CF or do a CF/Oly hybrid, you will be very impressed with the benefits the Oly lifting has for your endurance work.

Torsten Hauptmann 04-01-2009 03:38 AM

thank you for your comments.
in my enthusiasm i forgot to mention some things.

1. i will definitely go for the training as i can train with him whether i do only WL or additional CF. but he did strongly encourage me to stop all other training.

2. but i need to have endurance for my profession. right now i only need it temporarily but it might happen that i need to compete in a test of which i will be aware only one or two weeks ahead. the test consists of 2,4k running, max pullups, max sit ups. whereas only the pullups and the running is an issue for me. i am now cable of 20 dead hang pull ups and i run 2,4k in about litte less than 9:00. i want not go under 10:00 or 10:30 for the running and not less than 15 or 13 dead hang pull ups. whereas the running is the most important thing. the underline is that i must at least stay in reach of that numbers within one or two weeks

3. thus is it possible to determin how long it does exactly take to gain back endurance or loose it?

4. does monostucutral endurance training (10 min rope jumping) or WODs (like annie) which are not taxing or less taxing for my musculature needed for WL do great harm for my WL development? an other option would be half or quarter WODs like cindy or murph or do assisting WODs like yesterdays (Five rounds for time of: 30 Glute-ham sit-ups, 25 Back extensions) instead of a core workout which i would do in the WL class. would that do a lot of harm? the coach i encountered definitly knows how to creat good lifters but he does know nothing about metcons only LSD endurance training.

regarding my workout capacity:
in the last two month i did increase my training:

- i did 4 times a week gymnastics following the "building the gymnastics body" book. that means front/backlever and l-sit training as static positions 4 times a week plus on each training day one pulling/rowing/curling/multi plane pulling variation, one of pushup/dips/Hspu/multi plane pushing variation and one core variation (front/back/side/multiplane) in order to do a full upper body strength workout each training day e.g.: the three static positions each one minute broken down into sets as needed. than assisted one arm pullups 3*3, weighted dips 3*3, rumanian leg lifts 3*3.

- i followed the WODs from the main site on the normal 3/1 pattern

- 2-3 times a week CFE running WODs

- 2-3 times a week WL but that mainly to improve my technique. i did only taxing lifting when it was up for a mainsite CF WOD.

- i took rest as needed and cut off most of the longer WODs and upper body strength WODs.
it seems to be quite a lot but my numbers did improve very quickly during the last two month so i thought i could not have been that wrong with that lot of training.

thanks in advance


do i understand it correct that even modified WL supportive stuff for S&C like (GH-situp, back ext), (pullups, dips), done in CF manner for time will hurt to become a good lifter? Or can i do some supportive stuff as a kind of metcon?

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