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Phuong Wood 06-17-2009 11:28 PM

4 day backpacking trip - paleo suggestions
Going backpacking in sequoia for 4 days and I'd like to maintain a paleo-ish diet while keeping my backpack light. So far, the only thing I can think to bring is almond butter and dried fruits/nuts. Anyone have meal suggestions or am I going to be stuck with the dehydrated meal in a bag? thanks!

Greg Davis 06-18-2009 04:04 AM

dried meat, sausage, canned fish

dense veggies- like carrots..

if u can dehydrate things yourself of course thats ideal

Patrick Donnelly 06-18-2009 06:21 AM

If you're looking to keep the weight down, then yeah, dehydrated is best. It's really not all that unreasonable either. If you look at most camping meals... Ramen, MRE's, packaged "sausage and egg" meals from REI... All dehydrated. You definitely don't want to carry canned. The excess water will be dead weight in your pack, and you've got to carry out the smelly tuna-can garbage too. Canned fruit is definitely a no-no. You've got like, three itty bitty pear halves in a cup and a half of sugar laden water. Not an effective use of weight.

A dehydrator from Wal-Mart will go for about $40. I've got a Nesco/American Harvest one that's pretty nice. There are also some higher-end brands you can buy online (I know there's one in particular, but I forget its name; maybe Jay will ring in), if you happen to have money simply oozing out of your pockets.

If you have a Cuisinart food processor, you can use that to help cut the jerky meat easily (like so). Keep it easy on the salt. Don't forget that you can also dehydrate fish, chicken, etc. not just beef.

I'd recommend drinking a lot of water, since not only will you be hiking (and sweating buckets), but you'll be getting very little water from your food. Also, if you hate the taste of iodine water, half a capsule of a vitamin C supplement will clear that right up, but only put it in after the iodine has had the appropriate time to kill the bacteria.

Scott Hanson 06-18-2009 07:23 AM

For protein, I like the foil packs of tuna, salmon, chicken. Lighter than canned both because of the container and no liquid. Also canned sardines.

I've also cooked hamburger, then dehydrated it. It keeps really well (I've used it after a couple weeks) and cooks/rehydrates easily. Many vegetables also dehydrate well, such as zuchinni, green beans, tomatoes, etc. I can buy freeze-dried mixed vegetables at a chain grocery store here (Fred Meyer). The mix isn't strictly paleo though; it includes corn and peas.

If you don't have a dehydrator, you can use your oven set on very low heat and leave the door ajar.

For carbs, you might need to resort to some instant potatoes or something (not strictly paleo, but I think better than ramen). Nuts and dried fruit are good. You could make your own pemmican (dried meat, fat, dried berries) or purchase. I think US Wellness has pemmican made with grass-fed meat.

Again, not strictly paleo, but some good, extra dark chocolate is almost mandatory on my backpacking trips. Also some good, aged cheese.

Craig Brown 06-18-2009 08:23 AM

Pemican, jerky, and a good book on wild edible plants in the region. Nuts and seeds are certainly fair game...

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