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Jamie Jamieson 08-08-2009 06:35 PM

Technique Critique
I am about half way through my 2nd run through with the 23day Bulgarian program that I found from Mikes gym. I don't have a coach, so I was hoping to get some feed back on my technique.


Stuart Picken 08-12-2009 07:21 AM

I'm no master but i'd say your snatch was pretty darn good. clean i'm not sure but did you shrug before ankle extension? perhaps your 3rd pull could be a little more agressive ie. getting under the bar quiker. it seems to me you recieved pretty darn high, suggesting there's a bit more weight to be squeezed out but requiring a more snappy 3rd pull. anyways that's an impressive amount of weight!

Jamie Jamieson 08-12-2009 06:45 PM

I agree, I think I am not pulling it all the way. Also, I think the timing is off, not everything is firing at the correct time.

Thanks Stuart

Stuart Picken 08-13-2009 01:30 PM

I'd suggest Every warm up spending a bit of time doing a basic clean progression (like the burgener warm up) with a dowel, PVC pipe, Broom just what evers to hand. really focus on initiating that second pull with proper sequencing and timing - start slow and keep movements nice and controlled.

Maybe try introducing hang cleans into your program so they really force you to have a violent 3rd pull and get under that bar quick.
you posted saying you'd just finish a Bulgarian cycle? i think it was you anyways :confused: apologies if not. maybe see this as a chance to switch it up, have a squat strength cycle, low emphasis on the classical lifts and really focus on weightless technique work. i think it'd be worth it, you'd come back stronger with better technique, and that combination always produces better numbers :)
anyways, that's all IMHO, and folk say actions speak louder than words in which case i should be listening to you and your snatch! :P
keep lifting!

Andrew Wilson 08-13-2009 02:16 PM

Looks good, in the snatch, this may not be consistent with your tech, but in that rep the bar was pushed with your hips so you jumped forward to catch it, you see the arch extend away from your torso. The jerk, probably could use less arms and more vertical momentum through your hips. Overall solid fundamental technique

Emily Mattes 08-13-2009 10:42 PM

Not great at technique critique but let me give this a shot:

First thing I noticed is you jump forward to get under the bar. From looking at your video, you don't stay over the bar long enough. Your first pull starts pretty far back--your shoulders look behind the bar from that angle, even--and you aren't patient with the second pull. When you hit the knees, before immediately leaning back and shrugging up think about straightening your knees out (pushing them back) while keeping your chest over the bar, and keeping your back tight so you pull the bar close along and up your thighs. It's like the starting movement of an RDL up to about mid-thigh, at which point the double-knee bend and hip scoop and everything kick in.

Not staying over the bar is probably why you're kicking it forward during the second pull.

Clean looks very nice, the video has cut off the beginning of the first pull though. You're definitely staying over the bar more. I would keep your back tighter--if you slow down you can see your shoulders rounding forward as you pick the bar up off the floor. Pull them back and down, really think about tightening your lats and pulling your shoulders together. For me, keeping a nice tight back is the difference between a lift feeling heavy as sin and light as a feather. There might be a bit of arm pull during the second pull, but I may also just be seeing things.

You can see the effect of the loose back as you catch the clean. Even though the weight is clearly light for you--you're catching it above parallel and riding it down--you round forward during the catch while squatting it up out of the bottom because you simply didn't catch it with a nice tight back to support the bar.

Jerk drive is good and powerful. Again, gotta keep that back tight during the drive though--you tip forward slightly at the bottom while driving up.

Your footwork could use some improvement. Your back foot splays way back and sideways. If you draw a line across the starting position of your feet, I think the distance from your front toe to the line and your back toe to the line should be the same. However, I've had a number of coaches tell me if you've got the drive to get the jerk up there and lock out hard, you can make up for crazy footwork.


If any real coaches (Greg?) want to chime in and correct me that would be awesome.

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