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Ralph 10-13-2006 10:07 AM

Why use fish oil?
Why use fish oil? Also, what kind? I've seen some that vary in Omega-3 content and other levels.

Robb Wolf 10-13-2006 10:07 AM

The “why” of fish oil consumption can be either super complex or very simple. The complex side has been covered by books like the Omega Rx Zone and innumerable web sites that are only a google search away. The easy answer is fish oil is vital to life and makes everything you want to have happen, happen and prevents many undesirable occurrences. Sorry if that is dodging the question but an exhaustive review of fish oil is beyond the scope of the Q & A section.

Regarding varieties of fish oil Costco’s Kirkland brand is good as are Jarrow and Nordic Naturals. A good daily dose ranges from 3g of EPA/DHA if you are pretty healthy to 10g per day if you have some health problems. If you use blood thinners tell your doctor you want to start using fish oil.

Ralph 10-13-2006 10:07 AM

Thanks! I actually just renewed my PM subscription, so I got a chance to read up on the short description about fish oil in there. I understand that my question was probably a little much for Q&A as you mentioned, but that's why I'm still waiting patiently for the PM book. My monthly PM will do for now.

Robb Wolf 10-13-2006 10:08 AM

Thank you for the interest and just to light a fire under me I'll make it public that I intend to get that book out by June of next year. If this turns into a multi year odessy like our dear freind Prof. Devany we can set up some sort of public humiliation to help me get that thing done. I want to do a good job on it and that will mean a lot of work.

Yael Grauer 10-17-2006 05:20 PM

another reason to use CLO
I sent this link to Robb a few weeks ago and thought it was important enough to post. Paul Bergner (my favorite herbalist/vitalist) sent this out advocating the use of vitamin D as an immunomodulator because it specifically prevents the overexpression of inflammatory cytokines.

This is particularly significant because the theory behind severe epidemic flu (like in the 1918 Spanish flu and possibly H5N1) is the "cytokine storm" which you can read all about online. It's a bit less scary when you know the remedy.
My favorite flavor of CLO is Green Pasture's "cinnamon tingle."


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