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Mike ODonnell 02-01-2007 12:00 PM

New DJ article
great article by DJ

"The problem is this: yes, everything works. But, doing everything at once makes you marginal (at best) at everything." So true.

"It's funny to look at the advice I took (and didn't take) over my career. In 1991, a former world-class lifter told me three things I needed to do:

1. Keep my bodyweight on my heels when I lifted. (Advice I ignored until I discovered this was absolutely correct and it changed my lifting in a second or less.)

2. I should use complexes in training. (Advice I ignored until Alwyn Cosgrove made me start using them and the body fat just fell off me like grease from bacon.)

3. I should do nothing less than tens in the squat. (Advice I ignored. Instead, I did lots and lots and lots of heavy singles, got a big gut, and lost all my snap. Now, I do tens.)"

Great stuff.....and should see some interesting responses...in the community...

Ron Nelson 02-01-2007 02:40 PM

Best part of the article is the picture from the Burgener clinic back in 2005 featuring a dashingly handsome individual in the front wearing a "Panther Athletics" T-shirt and cleaning an amazing 45#.

Mike Minium is right behind me and Greg G. is right next to me.

I'm now famous without being famous.

Oh yeah, the article is one of DJ's best as well. But, great pictures...great pictures.

Danny John 02-01-2007 04:19 PM

I have nothing to do with the pics...but I am glad you are there.

I'm sure it will be interesting.

Ron Nelson 02-01-2007 04:37 PM

Hey Dan,
I sent you an e-mail through T-Nation. Sorry if it rambles.
Just don't want you think it's from some run-of the mill internet stalker. It's from this internet stalker.

Danny John 02-02-2007 07:41 AM

I still have not received it, Ron...

dj84123@yahoo.com ???

Ron Nelson 02-02-2007 07:47 AM

I sent it through T-Nation. I'll resend it through Yahoo.

Dave Van Skike 02-02-2007 10:34 AM


3. I should do nothing less than tens in the squat. (Advice I ignored. Instead, I did lots and lots and lots of heavy singles, got a big gut, and lost all my snap. Now, I do tens.)"[QUOTE]

This is the one that really got me thinking. I'd like to know more.

Dan, have you already expounded on this why's and what for's of this observation or is it just something you know works for you?

Mike ODonnell 02-02-2007 10:57 AM

Another clip that got me thinking too:

"High Volume/Low Intensity: Most of us live here. Forever. To be honest, when I go to most gyms and watch people train, I'm not sure why they just don't do push-ups and pull-ups at home. Most gymrats bench press weights that surely aren't much more effort than push-ups. This is why 5K runs are so popular on weekends: waddle around for half an hour, pick up your T-shirt, and eat your bagels on the way home while you convince yourself you trained hard."

As a trainer to the general public I see this soo much....people want the illusion of working out, willing to put in hours to prove it....never get results but think they are doing it, instead of focusing on shorter workouts and getting results.....boggles my mind when people say to me "You only train people 30min? No...I need at least an hour to workout".....and then some trainer who doesn't know jack about results gets the business because I refuse to train people the wrong way......F*#&'d up industry.

Ron Nelson 02-02-2007 09:41 PM

You want comedy? Check out the discussion on the CF board. They tend to dismiss DJ as a digruntled kook.

I'm sure he's OK with the kook part. I don't think he's disgruntled.
In fact, I'm sure he still has his gruntle.

I'm going to karaoke night at TGI Friday's. I'm also pathetic.

Danny John 02-03-2007 09:46 AM

I actually tried to reply, but my account doesn't work. The one gentleman says that I only have the whatever to do something for two years...but he can do seven.

I say, we should go to eleven!

Really, though, my point on crossfit was simple...but here you go: my goals are not your goals. I tried it and I threw "less far." So...no 750 deadlift and no farther throw=move along, move along.

To think that I just popped back to the Dan John Method was offensive! I have no method!

The call out that I am like a poor politician is just a "whatever" in my book. Greg made some big promises and now it is a program for "average guy generalist." Remember, though, the original promise...and it just occured to me that it is exactly what Arthur Jones said...that there would be a dominating O lift team of just Xfitters. That doesn't mean winning the Masters Nationals or the Cal State Masters as a team...it was top level stuff. I don't know what a drug free 750 pound deadlift would translate to O lifts, but it would be good.

After spending a weekend with Shaf, Gary, Wil, Dan, and Sully...I discovered that the methods that get tossed around on a typical day in Ireland or Australia are far beyond the grinder that I am more associated with in the USA. I have literally hundreds of times the volume of athletes and I discovered that I have come up short as a coach...simply because I...

Well, I am not telling anyone what I learned. It was a free clinic and there is a price to be paid for missing it.

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