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Paul Epstein 09-29-2009 10:45 PM

200g of Protein from meat?
Hi all. My weightlifting coach has given me a target of about 200g of protein per day (based on target body weight of 100kg, 220lb).

To get my quota in i have been eating quite a lot of Kangaroo meat - its very lean (~1000g contains 200g protein - 11g fat) and is game meat so has a natural diet. To get enough in i have been eating around 1.5lb of it a day and making the other 0.5lb up with chicken, fish and beef.

Ive read various articles on the health impacts of eating too much red meat (ive read you should eat less than 100g which frankly is unacheivable for me). Kangaroo is preferable over chicken and fish because its cheap (~$2.50/lb) and very lean. Chicken and fish will cost me far more to acheive the same protein intake.

Or should i give up on the Paleo aproach and start downing Whey shakes?

Darryl Shaw 09-30-2009 02:47 AM

As a general rule as long as you're eating enough calories you'll be getting enough protein and because almost everything you eat contains some protein there's no real reason why you should try and get all 200g/d from meat.

Tony Ferous 09-30-2009 06:57 AM

My issue with 'roo meat was that it was too lean for me as i wanted to add muscle, so had to add alot of olive oil etc. Also its pretty high in iron too so you would want to avoid any iron from supplements i think.

Kelly Frankson 09-30-2009 08:58 AM

It depends on what your goal is.

If you are primarily looking to increase strength, you will probably need to up your protein even higher than 200grams.

If you are looking at leaning down, then roo meat at the 100grams probably isnt a bad idea.

One thing you want to be careful of though, is eating one source in large quantities for a sustained period of time as you can develop sensitivities to it (yes it is possible to develop sensitivities to animal protein sources). So I would definitely varry it up every once in a while. If you are looking for cheap ideas, get tinned tuna packed in water and mix it with half an avacado, a diced tomatoe, some chives and wrap it in a big lettuce leaf!

And as far as the whey protein goes, real food is always going to be better, but it does have the convenience factor to it and makes it easy to up the grams. Although not completely paleo, I would just get plain/natural whey and flavor it yourself with some berries/almond butter/avacadoes...

Paul Epstein 09-30-2009 04:43 PM

my goals is to lose body fat while maintaining (or building ideally) strength. i currently sit at about 120kg, down from 135. My current goal is to get below 100kg to give me room to stay below 105 as i bulk a bit.

kelly: a good point. ive always advocated more variety in diets but got blindsighted by the low price and leaness of the meat.

plan going forward to to skip the whey shakes. about 500g of roo meat a day and make up the rest of the protein with chicken and eggs. will try and keep the beef and pork to a couple of times a week at most mainly to reduce fat intake.

i will log it on fitday to make sure i am hitting my targets.

thanks for the advice :)

Paul Epstein 09-30-2009 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by Tony Ferous (Post 63382)
My issue with 'roo meat was that it was too lean for me as i wanted to add muscle, so had to add alot of olive oil etc. Also its pretty high in iron too so you would want to avoid any iron from supplements i think.

I like the idea of supplementing very lean meat with fish, olive and nut oils. Best of both worlds.

I dont take any supps other than fish oil. I stopped taking ZMA when it started keeping me awake at night. I will watch out for symptoms of excess iron tho.


Mike ODonnell 10-01-2009 12:19 PM

Eggs (the whole thing, not eggs whites)......staple for any muscle building diet. Can't hurt to also add whole milk if you can tolerate it....add in a scoop or 2 of whey powder also. Lot easier to pack in more protein that way then eating meat all day long.

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