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Matthieu Hertilus 10-22-2009 08:52 AM

Help Finding the Right Shoes
Before I spend my money, I want to make sure I'm getting the right equipment for my training needs.

1) I'm a member of the Weightlifting Club at my college and although weightlifting isn't my primary focus, I believe it's a nice element to my track training. With this in mind I need weightlifting shoes since my last pair was stolen. My question: is there that big a difference between the new Pendlay's and the VS Dynamo's (http://www.vsathletics.com/product.php?xProd=1917)? These are the only ones I can find at a decent price in my size, and I'm leaning toward the latter since they are $40 cheaper.

2) So I've been focusing more on training for track and I know I need a good pair of performance flats for speed work. Being an overpronator though, as I can see from the wear on my old shoes, do I need to focus on getting a motion control or stability shoe OR should I stick to a performance trainer even though they provide little to no stability?

3)BONUS: Anyone know where I can find any information on open track meets in the NJ/NY area. If I am going to go anywhere in this sport, I have to start somewhere and I have to start now.

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