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Mike ODonnell 02-05-2007 11:38 AM

Kids go ahead and watch TV....
Wheeewwwww....great news....now I can get back to Springer....

"Getting children to switch off the television does not guarantee they will exercise more, U.S. researchers said on Monday."

So...I put my money on NBC to sponsor that study....cause I just don't think PBS has the budget.....good thing the media is helping us win the war on obesity!

josh everett 02-06-2007 06:52 AM

I've never bought the TV will make you fat & stupid theory. I watched a ton of tv as a kid & played countless hours of video games. I turned out to be pretty fit (no real defense against the stupid claim though). But I also played organised sports & backyard football (in ohio we actually have yards where you can play football) ect.
I took a break from video games a few years in college, tried to go back but they got too dang complicated and I couldn't keep up. But I still love TV...if I had more free time I'd spend it in front of the TV.

Mike ODonnell 02-06-2007 07:09 AM

I agree to the extent that as a young OD I played lots of Atari....yes Atari.....and TV but also ran around every day and played football, wiffleball, street hockey, kickball, rode bikes....etc......but todays world is much different with kids not getting any of that....the fact that we need to make a dancing video game to call it exercise should say it all.

Jamila Bey 02-06-2007 11:29 PM

On behalf of all the little Black girls who grew up lean and strong 'cause all we did all day was play double dutch, freeze tag and dodgeball (and chess and Atari when it was rainy), the fact that kids are fat today is just unreal.
Then again, I grew up when and where you could send your kids outside to play in the grass and didn't worry about anything worse than a fall happening.

Scott Kustes 02-07-2007 09:52 AM

I agree with Josh. I played plenty of video games in my childhood, yet was always active when the weather was decent. I recall spring and summer break days of 10 hours of basketball with breaks only to use the restroom and eat meals. Beyond that there were bikes to ride and footballs to throw. In shape and not watching TV are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

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