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Troy Kerr 01-01-2010 11:25 AM

Upper back injury
I was practicing my front lever progression last week when I felt the right side of my upper back "give". I could still hold my lever, however it felt as though the right side of my back was not contracting as effectively as the left. The pain is minor, but irritating, and spreads to my anterior deltoid. I have not had this looked at by a doctor yet. By looking at maps of the upper back, it feels as though it is the teres minor/major

Movements such as dips and pull-ups do not bother it, and after a week of rest I can hold the lever, but it feels as though the injury could "give" again.

My question is this : Although I realize injuries take time to heal, and I do not know what is wrong, would anyone continuing with movements such as planches, handstands, dips. pull-ups while the injury heals? If not, any other recommendations?

Steven Low 01-02-2010 08:44 AM

It's likely a strain.

Get it moving as much as possible (without pain), self massages are great, and probably some heat if there's no swelling.

If you're not taking fish oil you should be taking it to help limit inflammatin and help with the healing process.

After it starts getting better, start doing light eccentrics and progressively move into heavier work and concentrics afterwards.

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