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matthew brewster 04-05-2010 04:34 AM

Matt Brewsters log
Coming back into training after a break due to various reasons.
Have become pretty deconditioned and weak so starting again as a beginner in my own mind.

Ill be mostly giving Gants Hybrid a go to get me back into the groove with a few changes here and there to fit in line with my fitness and work goals.

Goals for this year are
lose 8 - 9 kg of fat.
Improve VO2 max bleep test score to level 13, currently at 9
stop being as weak as a small kitten.
Get my technique sorted on all slow and oly lifts.

Monday 5th April

Hang power Clean 5 x 3 40 40 40
working on technique and watching as many videos as i can to get my technique squared away -

Front squat 5 x 3 70 70 70

10 mins of 3 pull ups, 6 press ups 9 squats.
- 12 rounds 3 chins
scaled down to keep moving for the whole 10 mins and felt good, breathing hard but didnt kill my self, its only day one.

matthew brewster 04-06-2010 04:04 AM

Tuesday 6th april

Push press 3 x 5 60 60 60

Nice and easy

OH squat 3 x 5 40 40 40
last set my shoulders started to go but felt good in the hips

metcon tabata
push ups - 20 12 7 6 4 6 6 5 def lack of strength endurance here
situps - 10 11 11 11 9 8 8 9
squats - 18 19 18 13 10 14 10 13
rower (cals) 9 9 8 7 6 6 6 7

rowed rather than pull ups as i can only do dead hang at the gym, and as i suck at these i would end ups with ones and two.

matthew brewster 04-07-2010 03:15 AM

Wednesday 7th april

Power clean 50 50 50
worked on dan johns tips of creating an bow an arrow and keeping on the heels my knees still want to move forward though for some reason

Back squat 60 60 60
felt nice and light

dead lift 5 reps at 90

pull ups 3 3 2
man im poo at these

feeling pretty beaten up today so depending on if i get any working fires at work i may well be due a nice rest day.

matthew brewster 04-10-2010 12:21 AM

Thursday 8th april
rest day but was on the yard for a few hours with pump and ladder drills

Friday 9th
Had to get a quick workout in only had 30 mins so -

4 rounds of the complex
hang power clean x2
power clean x2
clean x 2
30 kg

metcon work
15 d bell thrusters 17 kg
10 burpee
row 200m
12 thrusters
10 burpee
row 200m
9 thruster
10 burpee
row 200m
i enjoyed this but slower than i thought i wopuld be

matthew brewster 04-10-2010 05:56 AM

after week one of returning to training im going to make a slight modification to my original plan,
doing 2 lifts on a work dayleft me feeling poo and beaten up and limited my conditioning work which is the priority for me but also i felt it on the fire ground, so as a slight modification im going to drop to one lift per day followed by a short intense and heavy for me metcon and on days away from work maybe try 2 lifts, ill review in about 3 months

Sat 10 april

Clean doubles -
50 (warm up) 60 62.5 62.5 65 65 67.5 67.5

All felt good still need to load my hammies more.

3 rounds
10 thruster - 2 x 17.5 d bell
20 swings - 20 kg hard style
30 lunge walk 2 x 17.5 dbell
40 sit ups
rest 3 mins

4.07 (7.07)12.24(15.24) 21.40

matthew brewster 04-12-2010 05:16 AM

Sunday 11th april
Front Squat - 72.5 72,5 72,5
may well have started too high in the beginning of this experiment,

push press 62.5 62.5 62.5

all power cleaned from floor no rack at work

poor session all round had planned to do a metcon as well but this was a workout in between night shifts, had been awake for 27 hours and had a house fire persons reported, two car fires and an enjoyable 4 hours moorland fire fighting! so wrote it off as a bad day probably should have rested.

Monday 12th april ( After another 15 hour night shift)
OHS 42.5 42.5 42.5
all felt good

run 200m
21 bag of sand squat (about 25kg)
20 press ups
run 430
15 bag of sand squat
20 press ups
run 630
9 bag of sand squats
20 pree ups

forgot my watch

really nice sunny day so fancied playing around in the garden with stuff to hand so this metcon did the job nicely.

matthew brewster 04-14-2010 04:34 AM

Tuesday 13th April
rest day

Wednesday 14th
500m row x3 with full recovery
1.34.0 1.37.2 141.7

this was hard my conditioning is really low at the moment

metcon finisher
7 rounds
7 swings 20kg
7 sit ups
7 burpee

7 mins ish, timed on gym wall clock

i like this metcon a lot ill defo do it again

matthew brewster 04-15-2010 08:08 AM

Thursday 15th april

back squat find 1 rep max

metcon finnisher
6 x 250 m row
rest 45 seconds
trained with the power lifters at the gym, i say trained but i maxed out on their warmup weights ;-)

matthew brewster 04-18-2010 04:24 AM

Friday 16th april
rest day

Sat 17th april
Snatch 5 sets x 4 reps at 75 %
37.5 37.5 37.5 37.5 37.5

5 rounds
5 deadlift at 80 kg
10 dips


not bad little couplet

Sunday 18th

Front squat 5 sets 3 reps at 80 %
75 75 75 75 75

working on form all felt good and nice bar speed bar the last set,

4 rounds
run 400m
6 dead hang pull ups
25 swings @ 24 kg


maintain good form rather than go for speed and ended up with a nice workout.
i was digging through the old archives from crossfit looking for some inspiration for metcons i found this from 2003, and altered it a bit by halving the pull ups and adding a round. some good stuff in the old workouts section, lots of quick couplets and triplets. ill use a few more i think.

matthew brewster 04-21-2010 03:59 AM

monday 19th april

Back Squat find 3 rep max 115 - equal no gain

run 430m
3 rounds
7 dips
14 swings 24kg

run 430
7 dips
14 swings

run 430
7 dips
14 swings


Dropped into crossfit Manchester for a session. good place good people.
unfortunately it was max testing week so a 3rd day of squats on the trot,
but got some good coaching on form.

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