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Matt Edwards 06-06-2010 02:48 PM

Milk only
Has anyone tried doing a span of a few weeks of living on milk (with proper supplements such as fish oil) alone? I tried looking up information on it but I must have been looking in the wrong spots 'cause I couldn't find much helpful information on it.

Brian DeGennaro 06-06-2010 03:27 PM

I think the diarrhea would make you lose weight.

Chris Butler 06-06-2010 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by Brian DeGennaro (Post 76909)
I think the diarrhea would make you lose weight.

and severely dehydrate you !

John Alston 06-06-2010 06:59 PM

Don't listen to these wimps. Please try and tell us about it after.

Matt Edwards 06-06-2010 07:13 PM

I'm debating trying it. But, now after thinking about it, I would make it milk, veggies, and fruit. In regards to dehydration, milk is composed of a lot of water, plus whatever water I intake during working out and pre-post workout shakes.

Júlíus G. Magnússon 06-06-2010 07:14 PM

Babies seem to do fine on milk alone so go for it, man. And tell us how it works out.

Seriously, though... Why?

Matt Edwards 06-06-2010 07:19 PM

I love milk tons, so I figured why not try it to see how it goes. I'm thinking about doing 2 gallons/day so calories won't be an issue.

Derek Weaver 06-06-2010 08:30 PM

This is likely a bad idea. Please let us know how it goes

Patrick Donnelly 06-06-2010 09:12 PM

Having done it several times, I'd like to throw in that it's possible to drink 2 gallons of milk in a single day and not get diarrhea, or any intestinal problems at all. However, I wouldn't see a pure-milk diet as being particular enjoyable. Interesting, yes, but not enjoyable, and quite possibly unhealthy too.

Matt Edwards 06-07-2010 05:29 AM

I'm a sucker for trying new things and seeing how my body responds. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated.

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