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Frank Needham 06-09-2010 02:11 PM

Right Achilles Sore
Lately I've been experiencing a soreness in my right achilles tendon. This soreness is only present when I've begun to move about after a period of relaxation, say, after awakening from sleep and starting to walk, or, after relaxing for a period of time during the day and then beginning to move about walking. After becoming mobile there is no sensation of discomfort at all. I have experienced no lasting pain as a result of this problem nor can I pin down exactly when I noticed this soreness began and it doesn't seem to me to correlate to any workout I'm doing (currently I'm following MEBB WOD's). Sorry for all the ambiguity but I was hoping for some suggestions to consider? Could this be achilles tendonitis? Oddly enough, my sleep has been tremendous lately due to have cut out all the coffee and am drinking one or two cups of black tea a day instead so it doesn't seem recovery is the issue either. Thanks for any suggestions....

Steven Low 06-09-2010 05:37 PM

Not likely to be tendonitis..

Could be some residual inflammation if you irritated it from something... or perhaps an injury in the past. Possibly postural issues who knows.

Frank Needham 06-09-2010 09:42 PM

Just curious, why would you say it is not likely to be tendonitis? I haven't had a related injury of any type in the past so that can be ruled out.

I just noticed that the area is actually tender to the touch. I had paid so little attention to the soreness up to now that I'd not even bothered to try massaging it and found it is tender.

This wouldn't be such a concern except that the worry is creeping into my mind that this thing could grow into something serious enough to have quite an impact unless it nipped in the bud.

Garrett Smith 06-10-2010 05:26 AM

Hard to tell. Some high-dose bromelain/papain could help, taken well away from food, morning and night. I have some available if you want what I use, it works wonders for plantar fasciitis.

Steven Low 06-11-2010 06:14 AM

Well, if that's the case then it's likely some tendonosis.

Some of this stuff may likely help especially eccentric exercise:


Does it respond well to heating?

Frank Needham 06-11-2010 02:49 PM

Wow, that is some deep stuff on Begin to Dig and, a nice writeup from Steven on tendonitis and recovery from it. Very useful.

Now, about my continuing fitness problem/lunacy: Once I actually took time to pay attention to what was going on with the tenderness, I began to massage the area. Not too deeply, just enough to move the tendon about. That was last night. Now the discomfort is no longer noticeable, even with a fairly strong pressure point massage.

I never got around to trying heat. Thanks for the help guys....

Steven Low 06-11-2010 06:40 PM

Yeah, it was more than likely possible just some tight muscles or temporary inflammation that was causing it.

I didn't really suspect it was tendonosis or anytthing because you can generally see the overuse developing miles away with irritation included.... if it's just sudden onset it's usually not an overuse type injury like that.

Garrett Smith 06-12-2010 08:34 AM

Regular bodywork is highly underappreciated and underutilized.

Steven Low 06-12-2010 10:24 AM


Originally Posted by Garrett Smith (Post 77187)
Regular bodywork is highly underappreciated and underutilized.

I strongly agree.

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