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Troy Kerr 06-14-2010 06:58 PM

Current Routine, any advice?
Here is the current routine I have spent the past week outlining, I have been following some form of it for the past few months but I had my wisdom teeth pulled this past thursday and spent the weekend tweaking it. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated.

I have previously been working out on a MWF schedule. Due to being off from school now I plan to use this routine on a M,T,TR,F schedule.

Warm-up: Ido's shoulder warm-up & stability routines, as well as his wristwarm-up, followed by hip mobility.

Workout A-
Skill- Accumulate 30 seconds of freestanding handstand. Get into a wall supported handstand ( stomach facing wall), with hands 4-6 inchs away, bring one leg over the top of the body, then slowly bring the other off the wall.
60 seconds Back lever variation w/ supinated grip- right now at the advanced tuck progression, using 8 second sets.
45 seconds of planche variation- I tend to get shorter sets with the planche and am currently working the adv tuck.
45 seconds of front lever variation. Same as the planche, tend to knock off shorter sets.
L-sit progression. Currently executing it with legs low and back arched.
Pseudo Planche Push-up Progression with lean at top. 3x5
Pull-up unweighted. 5x3.
Pistol progression- 5x3

Workout B-
Press to handstand 5x1-
Front Lever negative- 3x2x5-7 seconds. Perform these in a flat tuck or advanced tuck depending on energy.
Planche variation- 45 seconds
Supinated grip back-lever variation- 60 seconds
L-sit high tuck- 60 seconds- flat back with legs tucked in
Ring row variation- feet on bench, focus on breaking 90 degrees in the elbow joint and trying to pull chest to rings. 3x5
Ring dip variation. 5x3
Body-lever- 5x3

Specific goals of the routine are as follows:
.10 second free standing handstand
.Press to handstand and maintain handstand
. Progress to a sup- grip staddle back lever
. Increase duration of adv tuck on both planche and front lever.
. progress to advanced l-sit
. progress to weighted pull-ups
. progess to tuck front lever pull-ups

Steven Low 06-15-2010 09:31 PM

Looks fine. Is the volume too much for you or working out okay?

You can probably add in more leg work if you want.

Most important thing with bodyweight is to be consistent. You're not going to see large changes in a few weeks.. but you will over a month or two. No instant gratification like you have with weights.

Troy Kerr 06-15-2010 09:38 PM

Volume seems to be decent. I have been progressing fairly well over the past few months. I structured this program based off information in your aritcle to keep the pushing and pulling in order. Leg work is something that isn't a huge priority for me right now. My primary focus is to get some hip extension work but to overall excell in the fundamental static movements.

Troy Kerr 06-16-2010 12:38 PM

Steven- If I were to reduce the volume, would you suggest just reducing the days per week, or do you see room for reduction in the actual program?

Steven Low 06-16-2010 04:55 PM

Probably don't need the body levers or L-sits, unless those are weak points.

Once you start working the more advanced variations of most of the above progressions you get lots of core anyway. I don't do any specific abs work anymore albeit I could have a much stronger core if I did. I can do a couple ab wheel rolls without having any core work.

Other than that you can reduce a bit more if you want, but it's relatively balanced which is why I wouldn't want to mess with it unless you need to cut some rest time to get out of the gym faster.

Troy Kerr 06-16-2010 06:10 PM

Up until this point I have not done any specific core work like L-sits because I figured that I was getting enough from the other movements. However I saw you suggested that one should being manna training for the extension/hyperextension movements. so until I get my BtGB book back for the manna progressions pictures I figured the L-sit would be a good substitute. Plus from what I've read on various forums the general opinion is that one shouldn't move to manna progression unless they have a pretty sound l-sit.

Steven Low 06-16-2010 09:55 PM

I would work your straddle-L. It's more relevant to manna progression, especially if you're going to work handstand presses too.

If you can do a decent L-sit for 20-30s that's more than enough. In fact, I wouldn't even really work those positions. It's better to work compression for L-sit and straddle-L.

Coach Sommer 06-18-2010 09:21 AM

Correct Execution & Progression is Critical for Long Term Success

Originally Posted by Steven Low
It's better to work compression for L-sit and straddle-L.

Almost correct.

Straddle Ls do indeed require significant compression to be performed correctly, however the 90 degrees of pike required for an L-sit is not a significant degree of compression. In fact, stressing compression during an L-sit will result in the chest being concave with the hips substantially behind the hands. While this position will initially allow longer static hold times to be achieved, it is ultimately ineffective for long-term strength development.

The emphasis on an L-sit should be on maintaining a high chest while striving to press the hips forward to the hands. Focusing on these cues during L-sit development will provide a solid foundation for more advanced strength work in the future.

The advice however on duration is correct. You will need to first build to a 30 sec L-sit, then a 30 sec Straddle L and then achieve a 30 sec MSH in order to begin manna training with a reasonable expectation of success.

Yours in Fitness,
Coach Sommer

Steven Low 06-18-2010 05:56 PM

What I figure is that if you're working compression work which is, for the most part, strength for the abs... and you're keeping up with proper hip/hamstring mobility.... then you should be able to L-sit properly just by doing compression work.

Of course maybe that's just my opinion but yeah I think results will be faster that way.

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